New Look Website

I’ve been waiting for the latest WordPress theme, TwentySixteen, to download. It (or rather the matching update 4.4) downloaded this morning. I instantly started playing with it. The result … well, you can see for yourself. I like it!

The look is clean. The theme scales beautifully for different-sized mobile devices, and it’s easy to navigate.

However, as I admire the new look of my site, I’m reminded how much design influences what we do. This theme is clearly created to showcase images. Expect more pics in my posts as a result!

To misquote Wordsworth, I wandered lonely as a gull...  I love the serenity of the shore.
To misquote Wordsworth, I wandered lonely as a gull… I love the serenity of the shore.

8 Replies to “New Look Website”

    1. Maria, there are so many themes out there. Choosing does my mind in. But you have a graphic designer brain, and you could do the whole choosing among so many options for functionality and appeal easily.

      But I do like how clear this theme is – and it resizes brilliantly for different mobile devices.

      Also (and I don’t know how many other themes provide this) it now links an avatar to the website’s identifier on apps, so you can pop in your author pic.

  1. It does have a really nice clean look, Jenny, but it’s your choice of colors and your image header that really makes it work! Very nice 🙂

    Is this a free theme or one of the premium ones? I was asking cause I saw your newsletter signup. I have a free theme and not sure I can use plugins etc.

    Congrats again on such a feel-good look for your site 🙂

    1. Adan, it’s a free theme. It’s like the base theme provided by WordPress, so plug ins should work with it. I use MailChimp for my newsletter and the widget for it transferred automatically and hassle-free when I updated to 2016.

      Thanks for the kind words on my choice of colour. I was a bit wary — not a big fan of pink — but it’s a happy colour onscreen and not hard on the eyes.