Dragon Knight – up for pre-order

Dragon Knight, the third book in the Collegium series, is available for pre-order and releasing in February 2016.

Dragon Knight, paranormal romance, Kindle Unlimited,Dragon knight Gina Sidhe serves Earth’s only resident dragon, and she’s been issued with a quest. She must return with Lewis Bennett, President of The Collegium (the world’s magical order of peacekeepers), so that he may learn the Deeper Path of Magic from the dragon. A path that has been denied to Gina, and one she desperately wants.

But Lewis isn’t interested. He knows his magic has gone, burned out amid a terrible tragedy. Which makes his current task all the harder. He must restructure and repurpose The Collegium in the wake of a shocking and sly demon attack. He doesn’t have time for Gina’s quest, until she offers him the one thing he can’t have: a hidden route out of his Collegium life.

Because Lewis has his own quest, one secret and lethal, to save the world from a threat no one else believes in.

Change of pricing policy.

In 2015 I experimented with different prices for my books since they vary in length from short stories of just over 30 pages, to full length novels of 250+ pages. I also ran a number of free promotions, so by careful attention you could read nearly all of my books for free.

However, in 2016 I’m going to simplify my life, and not add a huge $$ cost to your reading budget.

All of my self-published books remain in Kindle Unlimited. So if you’re a subscriber to Amazon’s lending library, enjoy! Otherwise, I’m lowering their price to the lowest price point Amazon will allow and still let the books continue in Kindle Unlimited; i.e. 99c. Thanks to the weirdness of Amazon’s currency exchange, sometimes they interpret that 99c as a few cents either way of US$1, but I set the price at 99c.

If you’re a reviewer and require review copies, as always contact me with the title you’re interested in and the digital format you prefer.