Happy New Year!

It’s the last day of 2015 here in Australia. I think I’m ready for 2016. I know it will contain a lot of writing  🙂  You should see my publishing schedule for the first half of the year! Ambitious puts it mildly.

I hope you have a lovely and safe New Year’s Eve and that you dance into 2016 with joy and energy to achieve all your dreams.

2016 ha

7 Replies to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year, Jenny!!

    I’ve been wrestling vertigo once again so I hadn’t been spending too much time reading or online. Started around second or third week of December & had me in bed, physically ill. I think it’s somewhat under control once again. I started suffering from vertigo mid-2015. Like a wicked dream, it comes & goes as it pleases, totally ruining my balance and reading abilities. Had a CT scan to rule out brain tumor. Turns out, I have very little brain for a rumor to adhere to. LOL!! (Thought I’d add a joke.)

    I’ve missed my online community & my reading life. Hope the holidays were good to you. My family & I had a great celebration. Santa was very good to me!! When I was finally able to tolerate the laptop I may have gone on a book-crazy spending spree. Perhaps to catch up with things I’ve missed?! I didn’t get to finish my book challenge this year. Boo!! I was four books away!!! I could’ve cheated but I’m not a cheater. Resolution this year is read more books. Find time to read more books!!

    I did finish & reviewed your lovely SKY GARDEN. Congrats!! I did enjoy it. Another book to be proud of, Jenny! Knowing you, I’m sure your writing goals ARE ambitious. Good luck with each & all endeavors!!

    Wishing you the VERY, merry best!!!!

    1. Mary, first of all CONGRATULATIONS! So glad your vertigo is not from a tumour. But oh awful that it’s bad enough to send you to bed and stop you from reading. I hope the doctors find the cause and fix it, pronto! Meantime I’m sending you good vibes.

      On the topic of sending … have you sent your Louisiana summer weather here by chance? It’s suddenly very humid. If you have lost your summer here, I’m happy to send it back! 🙂

      Thank you, deeply and sincerely, for the wonderful review of “Sky Garden”. When I think of your vertigo and how crazy this time of year is anyway, I’m touched that you made time to read and review my book. Thank you, my friend. You are very kind.

      So it was totally clear to me why Santa was so good to you – of course you were on his Splendiferously Nice List 🙂

      Take care and kick that vertigo!