Time and How It Runs Away

Has anyone else noticed we’ve nearly finished two weeks of 2016?

I have been so busy writing and am now deep into revisions. By the skin of my teeth I’m keeping to my ambitious writing schedule. There are so many things you have to do as a self-publishing author.

My neighbour doesn’t help. Power tools outside my study window – from 6:30am one day! His wife was similarly unimpressed. I could hear the shouting. But man + power tools = noise. Maybe I don’t really want to live a suburban life? *contemplates moving to Antarctica*

Have I mentioned it’s mid-summer here and HOT? The air con is getting a work-out. And before it gets too hot in the mornings, I’m trying to go for a walk. Not everyday (I loathe exercise), but I’m trying.

Then friends and family are having lives — which means there’s been some knocks already in 2016. It’s really hard when all you can do for someone is be there.

All of which is to excuse the lack of blog posts here. I’m kind of keeping up with Facebook and popping into Twitter, but everywhere I can save some time, I’m saving it! I wish we could time hoard for when we need extra hours.

How’s 2016 treating you?


6 Replies to “Time and How It Runs Away”

  1. Considering you think Tasmania is too cold, I can’t believe you’d even contemplate Antartica! But the Aurora Australis! Wouldn’t that be worth freezing your butt off in Tassie? 😉
    I do have to say… Thanks for being there for me despite your already too full schedule. You’re a one in a million. 🙂

  2. Grrr. Power tools in the early morning hours?! Bless your writer’s soul! I often try ear plugs when “random life” gets in my way. Often helps. Hope neighbor is through with that, Jenny.

    I know you’ve got lots on your plate this year. As we get older, time speeds by faster, doesn’t it? Wishing for the ability to manipulate precious amounts of time.

    You know I’m not a fan of summer. I do not miss the hot, humid days. It is currently 46 here. Last night, temps were in 30’s. Love it!! I should be taking advantage of cool weather & walking, too. Good for you. Hope you find some time to walk along the beautiful shores in Perth. Find some inspiration in a moment of solitude.

    This year has started out eventful. Both my boys are expecting. One in July, the other in August. How exciting!! I’m too young to be a MiMi of so many wee ones. This is #3!! My daughter, the oldest, is enjoying travels too much for babies. (Advice she finally took from me!) I feel for my daughter inlaw’s. Expecting in Louisiana during summer is unpleasant.

    I’m so behind in my book world and blog. I’ve managed to review a few children’s books. Slowly reading THE AWAKENING by Kate Chopin, my first real read since the Vertigo episode. (I wish that on NO ONE!!) Looking forward to reading more of your books. Keep up the great work!! You got this. Before you know it, another new year will be upon us and you will have churned out some awesome stories. 🙂

    Best wishes & (((hugs))).

    1. Mary, squeee!!!! that’s so exciting hearing of your coming grandbabies — and so close together! that’s wonderful for cousins 🙂

      I love your posts. They make my day heaps and heaps brighter — and it’s already pretty shockingly bright given the sunshine of a Perth summer — I’ll put on sunglasses 😉

      and in lovely news, my neighbour goes back to work, today, after a long Christmas break. I’m happy! not sure he is…

      Hope the vertigo stays away and you get to enjoy your wonderful cool temperatures.