New Blog Policy

Just to let you know — and feel free to unsubscribe to my blog posts, now — the focus of this blog is about to change, radically. My new check before a post goes live here is “would I include this in a newsletter to readers?” If the answer is no, if the post is about writing advice, publishing trends, my struggles with the garden, etc. then it won’t be shared.

This blog will now be for new release news, promotional events (e.g. sharing a free day for a book or announcing a Facebook party) and occasionally updating progress on The Collegium series.

I’m a bit sad that my random days of blogging are over. On the other hand, now I won’t be able to pretend I’m working while I actually ramble on about taking photos on the beach!

P.S. If you’re wondering about progress on The Collegium series, Dragon Knight is out February 27 and Doctor Wolf is looking good for its April 27 release.

I am super-busy with my ambitious publishing schedule for 2016 which is a big reason I’ve had to reassess some of my social media activities. Expect to see less of me on Twitter (and yes, that is a sacrifice) and less me-me on Facebook, although I’ll continue to push fresh content to my Facebook author page and new Collegium group.


2 Replies to “New Blog Policy”

  1. I’ll miss your random posts, especially your garden pics, but I’ll keep reading. I have both your blogs on my reader.

    re: Twitter
    Twitter will certainly fold now without you at the helm. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Maria

      I’m sitting here laughing at the Twitter comment. Yeah, me and Stephen Fry vanishing from the Twittersphere — I’m far more important than his mere 4 million (gobsmacking) followership!