Dragon Knight release day

Dragon Knight, kindle unlimited paranormal romance,I’m thrilled that Lewis’s story is finally available. You’ve met him briefly in Demon Hunter and Djinn Justice, but Dragon Knight is very much a stand-alone novel, and it is Lewis and Gina’s story.

You haven’t met Gina yet. She’s a housewitch and a computer hacker. Yes, the skillset is similar. You’ll have to read the book to understand why.

So, without further ado, here is the blurb for Dragon Knight. Exciting, isn’t it?

Dragon knight Gina Sidhe serves Earth’s only resident dragon, and she’s been issued with a quest. She must return with Lewis Bennett, President of The Collegium (the world’s magical order of peacekeepers), so that he may learn the Deeper Path of Magic from the dragon. A path that has been denied to Gina, and one she desperately wants.

But Lewis isn’t interested. He knows his magic has gone, burned out amid a terrible tragedy. Which makes his current task all the harder. He must restructure and repurpose The Collegium in the wake of a shocking and sly demon attack. He doesn’t have time for Gina’s quest, until she offers him the one thing he can’t have: a hidden route out of his Collegium life.

Because Lewis has his own quest, one secret and lethal, to save the world from a threat no one else believes in.

dragon knight, pnr, kindle unlimited,Dragon Knight, only 99c (and if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it’s free to borrow).


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