Plague Cult – Draft Blurb

paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, urban fantasyThis is the very rough, draft blurb for Plague Cult:

When magic mixes with a lonely hearts cult, the result could be murder!

Ruth Warner is from a small town in the Texas Hill Country. Years ago she was driven out, blamed by her family for her cousin’s paralysis. If she’s such a powerful healer, why couldn’t she heal him?

But now her home town is ground zero for the Lonely Hearts Plague, and Ruth is back to try and save her family and former friends, and she’s not alone.

Shawn Jackson is a Collegium guardian, a mage trained in combat and sworn to protect the innocent. For all her travel overseas healing the world, you don’t get much more innocent than Ruth, so Shawn’s priority is protecting her.

The danger centres on the Moonlit Hearts Cult that has established itself in the town’s former holiday resort. Investigating it will be difficult, but Ruth and Shawn have the perfect cover. Ruth owns an abandoned house on the edge of town, and Shawn will be her ex-marine friend receiving board and lodging in exchange for renovating it.

Too bad nobody told the resident ghost!

***Plague Cult will be out June 27, ghosts willing 😉

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