Diet Secrets of a Demon Hunter

I caught up with Fay Olwen at Collegium headquarters. We only had ten minutes before she had to go kick some Xira demon ass in Brazil, but that was long enough to hit the high points of Fay’s diet. How does she stay in shape? Does she avoid gluten? How can we non-magical mortals follow her success?

Cool, clear water. An under-appreciated delight.

First up, she says, start the day with a glass of water. Rehydrate while you wake up and while you get that first coffee of the day under way. Make it part of your routine.

And speaking of routine, despite the unexpected missions Fay is called out on–demons being no respecters of anyone’s schedules–Fay insists that good health starts with good habits. When we’re tired, good habits keep us eating healthy. So invest in yourself by establishing kick ass habits, and when life gets stressful, those habits will sustain you. Or to put it another way, we all get stuck in ruts, so it helps if the rut you’re in is healthy!

Among the top tips for good habits Fay recommends stocking up on healthy foods. Sure, as a mage, she can simply magic in supplies, but she’s aware that’s not an option for everyone. So, keep your kitchen filled with healthy options, and…

Fay admits she’s not home enough to grow her own herbs, but wishes she could. They add so much flavour to life.

Learn to cook! You’ll respect your body and the food you put into it a whole lot more if you’ve invested in preparing your meals. Take pride in your kitchen creativity, which means learning the basics of cooking–take some classes, either online or in real life. And when there’s someone you love, knowing how to prepare a special meal for them is awesome! Fay’s discovered that Steve literally purrs for her pasta marinara. It’s the extra basil she puts in.

As for gluten…Fay refused to offer an opinion on the subject. “Touch wood, I don’t have any allergies,” she said. Bottom line, she believes it’s best to consult your doctor about your diet before you make any radical changes.

And exercise! Fay trains hard to stay in shape. Since she battles demons, anything else is not an option. Mix it up, is her advice. On the days when you’re tired, settle for a walk. Other days, hit the gym, get some professional advice, and release your accumulated stress. Punch hard! Kick high! Get all sweaty. Dancing is cool, too, but Fay claims she lacks a sense of rhythm.

Enjoy life. On this last point, Fay got really serious. Her intense blue eyes locked onto mine. “Life is for living. When we get hung up on what we should and shouldn’t do, we forget that life isn’t a set of rules. Be open to happiness. Indulge in pleasure. Make some good memories and promise yourself more.” Fay paused then. She was ready to go. Finally, she whispered. “Be greedy. Life will give you more than you can imagine. Don’t settle for less than the best.”

Then Steve was at the door, smiling across the room, and Fay was gone. She’s off to fight demons, and her lover goes with her.

*Fay Olwen is the heroine of Demon Hunter and Djinn Justice. She’s a powerful, Collegium-trained mage.



4 Replies to “Diet Secrets of a Demon Hunter”

  1. It’s a good thing I’m not a demon hunter. The need for chocolate is a powerful beast I haven’t yet conquered. (Not sure I want to). LOL

    Fay does have a sound philosophy on life though, with aspects from which I’d happily borrow. 🙂