Pricing Policy Change

Going forward, novels in my paranormal romance series, The Collegium, will be priced at $2.99. Earlier in the year I committed to keeping them at 99c throughout 2016. Demon Hunter, the first in the series and a novella, will remain at 99c. New releases will also launch at 99c as an incentive to buy-buy-buy on pre-order and in the first two weeks. However, after that the price has to be dragged up to $2.99. The reason? Amazon.

I just read someone’s analysis of Amazon’s algorithms and while no one outside Amazon can confirm the analysis (and no one inside Amazon will do so) it is compelling. The bit that caught my attention was that Amazon sinks 99c books in its algorithmic searches.

But! you exclaim. I see lots of 99c books in my search results.

Yes. So do I. But looking at the sales data for my books in the context of other people’s sales data and analysis of their book promotion strategies, I can tell you that pricing the series at 99c is seriously hurting its discoverability.

So, because I like to be upfront about these things, that is my reason for reluctantly increasing the price of novels in my Collegium series to $2.99.

Doctor Wolf, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, Doctor Wolf is currently 99c on pre-order before its April 27 release, and will remain at 99c for a fortnight after it.

6 Replies to “Pricing Policy Change”

  1. I’ve heard that about AMAZON too. Hard to know what to believe.

    On the other hand, you work hard at your stories and you deserve to be paid for your creations and time just like anyone else.

    1. D, I think Maria was right about it being a game. If I look at it that way, I don’t go insane trying to figure out all the options to hit the sweet spot where Amazon shares my books with readers. But until that wondrous, miraculous day, boy do I need your encouraging comments 🙂 Thank you!

      1. I will take that on board if I get my act together and self-publish.

        As for the encouraging comments – you have them any time they’re needed and even if they aren’t. 🙂

        1. Self-publishing is both easier and harder than I expected. There’s endless work, but also satisfaction. You’ll know when the time is right for your books, and you!

  2. It’ll be interesting to see your results after a while. I had heard this argument before and wondered if it were true.

    I love the way you experiment with your marketing. Good for you. It’s a numbers game that’s hard to play and harder to understand.

    1. It is a game! I try to remind myself of that attitude, Maria. As serious as money is, publishing is a game with changing rules and fascinating unpredictabilities. Try something, try something else. One day, I’ll crack it — and then, the rules will change! 🙂