“Skyriders” is in Flight! Release Day

SkyridersThe big news! This is the secret group project I haven’t been able to share with you. My Australian steampunk novella “Clockwork Gold” is part of an anthology of steampunk adventurers with big name authors in steampunk: Lindsay Buroker! Shelley Adina! AW Exley! Melanie Karseck! — yes, really! I give you … SKYRIDERS.

Intrigue and airships…

These five novels will take you on soaring adventures set around the globe.

A reckless ship-racer with a shattered past finds herself at the heart of an ancient mystery in Melanie Karsak’s The Star Garden.

In Lindsay Buroker’s Balanced on the Blade’s Edge, the last remaining guardian-sorcerer must enlist the aid of an impulsive colonel to find her bonded soulblade… and must avoid death at that same colonel’s hands.

A young woman inherits priceless artifacts and a world of danger in Nefertiti’s Heart by A. W. Exley.

Shelley Adina’s Lady of Devices will take you to Victorian London, where a young woman loses her place in high society only to find a new path to her future in the underworld.

And in Western Australia, a messenger pilot must navigate a lawless land as well as her own heart in Clockwork Gold by Jenny Schwartz.

These five exciting reads are geared towards adventure and ready to fly!

SKYRIDERS is available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo & pretty much everywhere ebooks are sold!

4 Replies to ““Skyriders” is in Flight! Release Day”

    1. Mary, it was so exciting. A friend knew about the opportunity for a steampunk antho — it was just being discussed — and nudged me, and told the publisher, and I offered my little Aussie story and … wow! These are big names in steampunk romance — and me! I’m so happy 🙂