Fire Rose – free June 7-8

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Fire Rose, my new paranormal romance novella, is FREE June 7-8, 2016. This is a bonus novella (hence, releasing it free for a couple of days) since it’s not part of The Collegium series which is my focus for 2016. Some stories are just so pushy that they insist on being written!

Actually, I started Fire Rose ages ago. Re-wrote it, re-wrote it again, couldn’t find an ending, and then, wham! it all came together.

Fire Rose 

Double the romance as two couples tangled in a sorcerer’s magic race to save innocent souls from eternal slavery.

In the mountains of Iran, a Persian dragon seduces a recently freed djinni, only to lose his heart; while an American ex-soldier is recruited by the woman he doesn’t dare love to rescue people forced into slavery.

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