Hollywood Demon

hollywood demon, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,Writing and publishing to a two month schedule is fun and do-able, but just occasionally my head spins. It means I’m focussing on promoting the upcoming release of Plague Cult (out June 27 and available for pre-order right now – special 99c price) while actually working on Hollywood Demon. So that I don’t confuse the focus on Plague Cult, I’ve been fairly quiet about Hollywood Demon – and that’s hard! It is such a fantastic story.

Picture this. A gorgeous geek, the descendant of Hollywood royalty. He has a tragic past and a demon hunting obsession. Enter Clancy Ramirez who is returning to California to stay, maybe! It all depends on whether she can control her magic. You see, Clancy is a geomage, and for her, the earth literally moves. Separately, they have problems. Together…well, together Beverly Hills is never going to be the same! Hollywood Demon is romantic, dramatic and swoon-worthy. Lights, camera, action!

8 Replies to “Hollywood Demon”

  1. Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

    And I am once again in awe of your writing ability and skills. I’m starting to wonder if you did indeed make some kind of ‘deal with the devil. 😉