I Escaped the Desk!

It was only for a few minutes, but the river was so peaceful I was glad I made the effort to escape the desk!

There were ducks.


There was a gorgeous old school across the river and behind the freeway.


The trees were wearing their best leaves.


And the city looked blue! Seriously, blue.


It was a lovely if fleeting visit to the Swan River. Now, to catch up on some work. I have to plot a vital scene in “Hollywood Demon”. Speaking of which – I received the cover for it, and Lou Harper, the designer, has out done herself! I’m going to save it and do a big cover reveal in July, for a late August release.

6 Replies to “I Escaped the Desk!”

    1. D, I hope you get to see the west coast 🙂

      As for the cover, it is AMAZING. I’ve booked a big reveal for July 27. I’m very excited about this book.

  1. I always enjoy your pictures & personal posts. My heart longs to discover every beautiful inch of Australia.

    Look forward to the reveal. Can’t wait!!

    1. Mary, I wish you could see Australia 🙂 Just like I’m wishing hard to be magically transported to America. I’ve seen some episodes of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” from the Food Network recently and I’d LOVE to do a diner road trip. Okay, so my waistline wouldn’t like it, but the food and people are amazing.