Catch Up Saturday

avatar16I’m calling today a catch-up day since I was felled by a headache yesterday, and it’s left me feeling slow, today. So, I’m doing little chores like updating my avatar. This cute 1920s-style pic is how you’ll recognise me around the net.

I’ve also created a pic that I’ll use when I discuss Alchemy Shift (the hero is a bear shifter). Jet Walsh is a fantastic hero. I adore him and the two young cousins he steps up to help.

Alchemy Shift

I also have plans – oh such plans – that I’m scribbling in my notebook for a new series. But that’s AFTER Alchemy Shift, and Alchemy Shift isn’t out till October – and yeah, I’m going to give it a Halloween theme. I can’t resist.

Hollywood Demon is on track for its August 27 release. The big cover reveal is July 27, and it’s sooooo hard not to share the gorgeous cover before then.

I’m currently re-reading Jayne Castle’s The Hot Zone, which is relaxing. I’m a big fan of re-reading when I’m tired. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d be staying up later to watch the Tour de France. I do love the scenery! Salers, France looks amazing!

Thank you to everyone who has tweeted, reviewed, re-shared posts, and generally helped to get the word out about Plague Cult. It goes full price July 10, so if you know anyone who’d enjoy it, give them a nudge before then 🙂


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