Happy Halloween Sale & Some News

halloween sale

Happy Halloween!

If you’re in the mood for something sexy to read this Halloween, a small group of us authors have organised a 99c sale. Details of the Halloween Special are here. (Yes, I know this is an early Halloween newsletter – but do you really want to hear from me when I’m over-excited, buzzing from the chocolate meant for trick-or-treaters?)

halloween sale

The Crocodile Virgin

kindle unlimited, pnr, paranormal romance, Jenny Schwartz,I also wanted to let you know about a short story I’ll be publishing in the next couple of weeks. This is a heads up so that you don’t get over-excited and buy it … yes, that’s right. I do NOT want you to buy it. I’ll be publishing “The Crocodile Virgin” on Amazon and immediately setting it free for five days (the maximum Amazon allows me when the book is part of its lending library, Kindle Unlimited). The problem is that there’s about a day’s gap between publishing the story and being able to set it free, so I just want to warn you not to buy “The Crocodile Virgin” the instant it releases. Wait till the next day when it’ll be free :)

A cold-blooded mating frenzy can be ridiculously hot!

Nadia Lorre has her hard-earned college degree, a mountain of student debt, and a new job as a tour guide in Africa. The Sahara Desert, even its northern fringe, is hot and harsh—and that’s before the bullets start flying! Paul Carnarvon’s dramatic entry into Nadia’s life will change it forever.

Orphaned at five years old, the only crocodile shifter Nadia knows is herself. But Paul is a King Croc, a shifter with the ability to compel other shifters’ transformation. He will compel Nadia to embrace her wild self.

Ancient magic, modern terror, and a heroine afraid to love.

Fantastical Island – a hint!

Fantastical Island, kindle unlimited, Jenny Schwartz, paranormal romance, pnr,Finally, I wanted to share with you a hint that I let slip on my Facebook page. Phoenix Blood starts my new paranormal romance thriller series, but it’s soon followed by Fantastical Island – which I’m about to start writing. I have to write fast, since Fantastical Island is out February 21. Fortunately, I’m inspired by the novel’s setting – and that’s today’s hint. See the clip, below:

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    1. D – I’m wary of appropriating Dreamtime myth for my stories. So I made this up wholesale. Saharan Desert and first person point of view – which is different for me. It’s fun to mix things up.