New Release – The Crocodile Virgin – free Nov 6-10

The Crocodile Virgin, kindle unlimited, pnr, Jenny Schwartz,I’m delighted to announce that my new short story, “The Crocodile Virgin“, is now live and FREE (Nov 6-10, 2016).

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Salsify – More Photos

dsc04773Do you remember I mentioned my salsify a couple of weeks ago? Then it just had flowers. Now, it’s going to seed. It’s beautiful. The seedheads are like massive, bronzed dandelions. They shimmer in the sunlight.



4 Replies to “New Release – The Crocodile Virgin – free Nov 6-10”

  1. I just read Crocodile Virgin too. Not what I expected, but I can certainly see why it was burning its way in your brain and demanded to be written. I’ve never even considered a crocodile shifter so it was cool to read something different. I’ll save the rest for a review. 🙂

    I love dandelions and your ‘bronzed ones’ are gorgeous.

    I remember having dandelion coffee when I was pregnant – and it tasted like I was drinking dirt. Not sure if it was the hormones or that was the actual taste.

    1. I think dandelion coffee does taste of dirt *hugs coffee mug*

      Isn’t it fun when a story just demands to be written? Frustrating, time-consuming, but when the story drives itself, that’s magic!

      Safe travels, D, on your journey West – in case you’re so busy I don’t catch you before then.

  2. Got my copy of new short story. Thanks!!

    I do remember the salsify. Coincidentally, I just finished book that continuously mentioned dandelion tea. Well, now I want dandelion AND salsify. Lucky you!

    1. Dandelion tea? I’ve not tried that. I have drunk dandelion “coffee”, the roots roasted and ground up. But it lacked caffeine!!! Oh the horror 😉

      Hope you enjoy “Croc V”, Mary. I’m definitely visiting in fiction the places I want to visit in real life 🙂