Kindle Romance Sale & More!

kindlerpromoThe Kindle Your Romance with Our Sale is on this weekend (Nov 18-19). A wide range of romance novels, 99c each.

How Do You Improve Your Mood?

I admit, I sometimes choose books as a kind of medicine. Feeling down? Something fun, maybe flirty, maybe satirical. Feeling frustrated with the world? Something meditative or maybe history, so that I remember humans are always foolish, but we survive! Sometimes I just want a really emotional book for the catharsis of crying and living the drama with the characters. Do you ever use reading as a kind of emotional stabiliser? Which books do you choose?

And then there’s walking! I’m not a big fan of exercise, but walking is easy and cheap and most people don’t tell you you’re doing it wrong (you know, like in tennis where everyone’s a critic when you hit the stupid ball out of the court 😉 ). So I’ve been trying to include some walking in my daily routine. There are lots of benefits to walking, and for me, when I get stuck on a plot problem, one of the benefits is how it frees my subconscious to come up with a solution.

Dark Oasis & The Lion and the Mouse

dark oasis, jenny schwartz, kindle unlimited,If Amazon is telling you that I have a couple of new books out … yeah, kind of. What’s actually happened is that I’ve withdrawn my Indulge collection from sale since the mix of fantasy stories and steampunk ones seemed not to work for readers. BUT I really like two novellas in the collection, and I’ve published them separately. Dark Oasis is a paranormal romance with a tricky djinn and a heroic angel. The Lion and the Mouse is a steampunk romance.

jenny schwartzIf you have the Indulge collection by me on your kindle, then you already own Dark Oasis and The Lion and the Mouse. Sorry for any confusion! For everyone else … the two novellas are free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Island Dreaming

mccaffreyAnne McCaffrey wrote some of my favourite science fiction novels. I love The Ship Who Searched. So when I saw an island called McCaffrey Island for sale … it’s definitely on my If Only I Was Rich List 🙂 McCaffrey Island sounds heavenly: apple trees, deer, a beach.


Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

kindle unlimited, buroker, scifi,Now that I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription I’m binging a bit. I’ve devoured Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire series and am impatiently awaiting the last book in the series.

kindle unlimited, pnr,I’m also hooked on Ella Summer’s new series, Legion of Angels. Vampire’s Kiss was so good!

Alchemy Shift Going Full Price on Tuesday

Just a heads up. Alchemy Shift is going full price ($2.99) on Tuesday, November 22. So if you haven’t already grabbed your copy, do it now.

kindle unlimited, pnr, jenny schwartz,

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