Where Did 2016 Go?

It’s Been A Busy Year

Once I hit December I tend to shudder a bit (with shock) and wonder where the year’s gone. Surely it’s only August? Okay, maybe September? But no, Christmas is nearly here and the year is nearly done.

demon hunter, jenny schwartz, kindle unlimited,2016 was certainly eventful. Let’s not discuss politics or other disasters. For me, it’s been a year of hard work. I have a flibbertigibbet mind (the attention span of a gnat) and this was the first year I forced myself to focus on one genre, and in fact, one series. I’m really pleased to look at Amazon’s virtual shelves and see my paranormal romance series there. The Collegium was a fascinating series to write. New characters, with old friends reappearing, kept me constantly on the alert — and I had the chance to explore new places and new forms of magic. For me as a writer, it doesn’t get better than that!

phoenix blood, jenny schwartz, pnr, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,It gave me the confidence to launch into a new series, Old School. Phoenix Blood is out December 27 and I hope it grips people as much as I think it will. The storyline is intense – both the magical threat and the emotional tension (and a whole heap of history) between Marcus and Sadie.

Supporting Other Authors

pattPatty Jansen does a lot to help her fellow authors, including running these awesome promos, so I’m happy to be able to share her special promo. The box set, For Queen and Country, is 99c for a short time. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Horrible Histories

Looking at Patty’s gorgeous covers made me think of the TV show, Horrible Histories. I love their costumes, but even more, I love their fabulous comedy. If you haven’t discovered this British series, it’s fun. Most of it is composed of non-musical skits – oh, and a talking rat 😉 It’s an educational series, believe it or not!

Kindle Unlimited

I’m having a great time reading my way through the books in Amazon’s lending library, Kindle Unlimited. I recently discovered that it includes the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. Yes, folks, it is possible that someone in the world hadn’t read them – and that was me! But I’m reading them now. They’re good. The characters are strong and likeable, and the world building is vivid and engaging. It’s just *whisper it* I prefer Diana Wynne Jones’s witchy, magical world for kids.

If you haven’t read The Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones, it’s wonderful – a tale of first year university – with magic! I remember reading Dogsbody as a kid and I refuse to re-read it now because it was such an intense experience. Some books are magic.

the wilds coverAhem. Yes, I’ve wandered a bit off-track. I was talking about Kindle Unlimited discoveries. I just read Donna Augustine’s The Wilds and it was absorbing. Paranormal romance, but with a bit of a hard edge akin to urban fantasy. It’s the first in the series and currently free even if you’re not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber – please, check before getting it, just in case the price has increased. I’m intrigued to discover where the series goes.

Fantastical Island – out February 21

Just a quick note. I’m loving writing Fantastical Island, but I’d like you all to be on the look out for behemis. Some of them have escaped!

fantastical island, fantastic beasts,

A Surprise for Aussie Readers


Summer Love

So, here’s the exciting news I’ve had to be ssshhhh about for too long: I have a paperback book on the shelves in Target and Big W. Australia only, I’m afraid, but I’m so thrilled.

Harlequin has put my 2014 beach romance, “Kiss It Better”, into a Summer Love bundle with fabulous romances from Victoria Purman and Lea Darragh. The official release date is the first of January 2017, but Aussies should see it in Big W any time from now.

I’m happy dancing – and need to go hunting for an official sighting of Summer Love in the wild.

P.S. For those of you who aren’t Australian, Kiss It Better is available as an individual ebook

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