Fantastic Book Sale PLUS Chance to Win 1 Year Kindle Unlimited Subscription

I try to post on a Tuesday. That’s me: attempting to impose structure on chaos. But there’s a huge scifi and fantasy sale happening this weekend (one that includes Phoenix Blood) so I’m posting today so you don’t miss it. There are over 100 ebooks at 99c each.


I like this first weekend after the New Year. We can all relax – or are you rushing into 2017? Do you do New Year resolutions? Do you share yours to increase your commitment to them?

I’ve given up on New Year resolutions. Maybe I’m just too tired? It is soooo hot here. Pass the ice cream, please. Has anyone ever made an ice cream igloo? I could totally live in an ice cream igloo – at least, until I ate it! LOL The Alaskan version of Hansel and Gretel.

Win A Year’s Subscription to Kindle Unlimited

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Romancing the Dragon is running a special January competition – a chance to win a year’s subscription to Kindle Unlimited. Just click “I Want It!

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

I have to admit, with The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes it was the cover that caught my attention. The story reminded me a bit of The Magnificent Seven with the group having to get itself together first before they could act. There was plenty going on and the world building was an interesting jumble, but I doubt I’ll continue with the series.

The Artifactor series by Honor Raconteur is proving a delight. Sevana is a grumpy (and kind), clever young woman. It’s a gentle kind of fantasy, nothing too terrifying. The series begins with The Child Prince.

A friend also has a cute cozy mystery series in Kindle Unlimited. You can start the series with Throw a Monkey Wrench by Karen Chester.

Inspiration and Motorcycles

The heroine of my work-in-progress has a motorcycle. This is a big stretch for me as I find motorcycles a lot like horses – nice to look at, but scary to ride. Fortunately, a neighbour has provided some inspiration with his vintage British motorcycles. It was a lightbulb moment for me! Beulah (heroine of Storm Road) will no longer be getting a Harley – although I could be persuaded to give her a Ducatti which I think has a nicer sound. But no, she’ll have a vintage British Triumph and like it!

It’s fascinating what a bit of research throws up. Did you know that Fonzie from Happy Days rode a Triumph?

Phoenix Blood Delighting Readers

phoenix blood, jenny schwartz, pnr, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,I put so much of my heart into writing Phoenix Blood that I’m as much relieved as delighted by readers’ enthusiastic response to it. Thank you so much for your reviews and comments and Facebook likes. An especial thanks to those of you who’ve recommended it to friends.

Phoenix Blood will remain at 99c as a series starter. Fantastical Island is currently at 99c as a pre-order and that’ll be its launch price (it’s out February 21), but after that it’ll be $2.99 which is the price of my Collegium series novels.

Salads and Other Healthy Things

I’ve been kind of sticking with my plan to eat more salads. The difficulty is that I LOVE bread, so I’m often tempted away from my healthy intentions. There is a Turkish bakery too close which does an amazing flatbread. I buy it hot from the oven – ignoring the inherited advice that bread hot from the oven will make me explode! Well, maybe my great-gran didn’t quite say “explode”, but she thought still-warm bread was bad for a person.

During my salad experiments I’ve discovered that fennel, mint, tomato and cucumber are fantastic together. Simply toss them in a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Adding feta cheese is luxurious.

I’m trying to walk around the neighbourhood, but the hot weather means that’s best done in the early mornings – precisely the time when I prefer to work. Decisions, decisions. Oh, who am I kidding? Work wins every time.

However, it’s the weekend, so maybe I’ll make it to the beach? Whatever your plans for the weekend, have fun and be safe!