Where Would You Travel?

If you could travel anywhere through time and space, where would you go?

I’m absolutely loving the research for my current manuscript, “Storm Road”. The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina are drop dead gorgeous. I use Google Maps and travel north from Asheville, just ambling around digitally and looking at things. Although the town of Hot Springs won’t be in the book, I’d love to visit it in real life. Real life is even stranger than anything I could dream up. There are legends of Moon-eyed PeopleΒ in the region and gorgeous wildlife.

Unrelated to my writing, I’d really love to visit Poland and every single one of its castles. My mum’s side of the family are Polish. Granted we were more likely to be the serfs digging in the field or building the castle walls than swanking around in fine clothes inside, but I’d still love to visit. While I was there, I’d love to beachcomb for amber.

With Fantastical Island out in less than a month, and with it being summer here, I’m in quite a beach-y frame of mind. Blue skies and sea, white sand, dry dune grass. As much as I love to dream of other places, home looks beautiful, too. Plus, Perth, Australia, has a similar climate to California — not that we have the bison of Catalina Island (which is where Fantastical Island is set). I feel like visiting California would be a bit like coming home.

Travel Books in Kindle Unlimited

I haven’t read these yet – so this list is as much for me as for you. A good travel book is wonderful. Do you have a favourite, or even a favourite travel author?

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail, David Miller

Kamikaze Kangaroos, Tony James Slater

Things Can Only Get Feta, Marjory McGinn

The Journey in Between, Keith Foskett

At the Captain’s Table, Hugh Thomson

Ashley’s Amish Adventures, Ashley Emma

Time Travel

I really don’t like time travel books. It’s a personal quirk that I can’t explain. But if you could visit any era, which would it be, and would you travel the globe or stay in one place?

I think that if I did have one chance at visiting the past, I’d stay in Australia. I would like to live here as people did before Europeans and their ideas arrived. I read Bill Gammage’s excellent book, The Biggest Estate on Earth, and it helped me to see my Australian home differently, to read the landscape differently. I started to overlay my memories with imagining how the land may have looked before European style houses and farms claimed it.

So if I could time travel, I would stay where I am, but peek into the lives, the world view, of those who lived here and loved this place before me.

PS Have you ever eaten youlks? I haven’t.

Phoenix Blood

It’s been a month since Phoenix Blood released. It’s still 99c (or free to borrow in Kindle Unlimited) and it’s gaining some heart-warming reviews. I’m so relieved that Marcus, my wounded hero, works as a character. He’s strong. He survived his trials of fire and agony, but he’s also truly able to love. I’m so proud to have written this guy. As for Sadie – she is his perfect match.

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6 Replies to “Where Would You Travel?”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for including my first Greek travel memoir, Things Can Only Get Feta. Spending 4 years in southern jGreece was a dream come true, and it’s been a joy to share that with like-minded souls. X

  2. What a hard question to answer! There are too many places I’d love to see.

    As for time, I would love to see North America as it was before the Europeans. Forests were thick and bountiful, and rivers pristine. I read once that there were very few people here at the time.
    You could go for hundreds of miles without seeing another soul.

    Have you ever been to the US, Jenny? If you ever do travel this way, you must visit and stay with me for a few days.

    1. Imagine not seeing anyone for hundreds of miles – well, you can still do that some places in Australia, but I’d probably die in the attempt πŸ™‚

      I’ve never been to America. I have this list of places to visit in my mind: – Texas, all over; California, the coast especially; New York (there’s a cheesecake shop I saw on a documentary tv show that I either visit or I won’t leave America); the Appalachians; and the list goes on! You’ll definitely get a visit – better train Nana to start hopping into visitor’s travel bags so she’s ready for dognapping!

  3. I would love be in the South before the civil war. To be able to meet Lincoln would be my wish. I was born in Virginia and after I wasn’t able to work, we moved from Ohio to Tn. We live in Bristol, Tn, a block away is the Virginia border. I love the mountains also, check out the Smokey Mountains, they are beautiful.

    1. Alfreda, I would love to meet Lincoln, too. Or maybe just sit and listen to him. What an amazing experience that would be.

      I’m envying you your mountains soooo much. The only drawback, from my perspective, is I hate snow. I guess that would make me a summer visitor πŸ™‚ You live in such a beautiful corner of the world.