Free Books & Neighbourhood Musings

So many books today!

Free Books – Nearly 70 Free Romance Books on Instafreebie

With thanks to JL Hendricks for organising this, here are nearly seventy romance novels and novellas free to download from Instafreebie. Lots of different romance subgenres and authors. Promotion ends February 15.

Free New Releases from Me!

kindle unlimited, paranormal romance, jenny schwartzActually, Embracing the Ghoul isn’t exactly a new release. It was part of my Dare collection, but that’s no longer available, so I’ve released Embracing the Ghoul as a separate paranormal novella. It’s free February 8-12.

Embracing the Ghoul buy link:

I’ve done the same thing with Denying the Dragon, but it’s not free till tomorrow – so please wait to nab it! Denying the Dragon is free February 9-13.

Denying the Dragon buy link:

And for those of you who don’t know that I once wrote contemporary romance, my Valentine’s Day sweet western short romance, Kiss Me, Quick, is free February 10-14.

Kiss Me, Quick buy link:

I know these staggered dates are confusing, so please, please, check that the books are free before you grab them. Thanks!

February Fantasy Fair – Free & 99c Books

With thanks to the Book Nymph, you can find some gorgeous free and 99c books at her Fantasy Fair.

Do You Know Your Neighbours?

As much as I get annoyed with my neighbours when they’re busy being noisy (and wow are they noisy), they’re good people. It was an article by a respected Australian social analyst that got me thinking about neighbourhoods. Hugh McKay wrote of the need to sustain our communities “by responding to ugliness with beauty; by responding to treachery with integrity; by responding to lies with truth.” My neighbours aren’t my friends (we’re all very busy and very different), but I hadn’t really considered how lucky I am that I can trust that if I had a problem, any of them would help. I’m talking of my immediate neighbours, but if I go wider, the story is still the same.

Like the couple walking past who found my neighbour’s brother’s pup that had escaped her temporary home (puppies are tricky that way) and was wandering on the road. Poor Nikki didn’t know what to do with her freedom. The couple rescued her, door knocked (we were home, our neighbour wasn’t) and handed over the pup only after checking that she obviously knew us and that we were more than okay to babysit Miss Trouble.

People have an instinct to build community, whether in real life or online, and I think we sometimes take the power of that instinct for granted. I’m a bit shy, but I like knowing that I exist in a web of connections. Sometimes we contribute to community building with a gift, and sometimes by making a request. It humbles me to consider how often a simple request for help is answered with overwhelming generosity.

The media cycle lately has been filled with depressing stories of political fighting, disasters, and all kinds of dramatic and unpleasant happenings. The article by Hugh McKay caught my attention because it argued that the negative stuff oughtn’t to overwhelm us and that in small but vital ways we can build a better world.

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

I’ve had an absolute blast with the Union State science fiction series by E.M. Foner. It is light-hearted, thoughtful and funny.


Work-in-Progress: Storm Road

Just to tantalise you, here’s an excerpt from Storm Road which I’m working on now for an April release.

paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,

“I need the police—or something.” The man shook his head, not in negation, but as if dazed.
Shock? Beulah tried to assess her visitor and whatever problem brought him to her door.
His blue eyes were narrowed against the sudden brightness of the light and his lips thin and lacking colour; tight with pain or intense emotion.
“Are you alone?” she asked.
His eyes flared wide. “God. I hope so.” His head turned north east, back up the mountain. “I think I lost him…it.”
It? An eerie word. Beulah tried to ignore the shiver that slid down her spine. There were bears in the mountains. Maybe the man had been chased by a bear? There was dirt on his face and hands, but she couldn’t see any blood. He’d fallen at some point.
He didn’t look like a man who’d panic at the sight of a bear. In fact, he didn’t look panicked now. He looked determined—and afraid. That was the reason for the sense of oddness he gave off. Terror had an element of shock to it. The man was dazed by his own fear, but controlling it.
He spoke quietly, reasonably. “I can’t get a signal on my phone.” He looked beyond her to the old phone fixed to the wall near the fridge. “May I—” He cut himself off, looking around more carefully. Evidently noting the lack of evidence of anyone else present in the small cabin. He released the doorframe and stepped back a pace. “I can stay out here if you’ll phone the police.”
“To report what?” she queried. “What has happened?”

It’s only two weeks till Fantastical Island releases. Pre-order your copy for only 99c. Buy link:

paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,

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  1. Just need to find a t-shirt printer. LOL


    You’re going to hate me if I say it’s not as humid as back there, aren’t you? But I’ll do my best to send it back that way. (Just don’t tell anyone over there.)

    1. I guessed we weren’t quite as humid as Qld – but I’ll just say now: I’m not moving to Qld! Unless someone finds me a air con bubble I can live in! I was in Darwin in the build up years ago and just melted!

  2. Wow–I never thought about things that way. I’m an introvert, so I tend to isolate myself from neighbors. My husband is out there meeting everyone and always helping out. Which is great–until you get that neighbor who just drops by one night, bringing her three unruly children who play on your stairs and almost crush the dog in the recliner. Yeah–that happened! But it is nice knowing that you have people nearby who would help out if you really needed it.

    1. Stephanie, I’m another introvert – three unruly kids and your poor dog, you have ALL my sympathy. Ugh! Fortunately our neighbourhood seems to have developed a general norm of chatting on front lawns. So good for an introvert because I can choose when to go out and risk a chat (LOL “risk”, so introverted) or at worst, I can always retreat from the front lawn. Sounds like your husband is one of those treasured neighbours who provide the foundation for a great community – a great guy!

  3. To anyone who hasn’t read the stories about to be released, please do so. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

    I’m glad I found your Dare collection when I did then, since it’s no longer available.

    As for tantalising with your upcoming release – ahhh. I want to read it now!

    It’s a good thing I have a reading list to follow to tide me over, that’s all I can say. LOL

      1. You’re most welcome, Jenny. 🙂 I hope they do too, otherwise they miss out on some good stories to read. 🙂

        This rain is what I was used to in Queensland as a child. It always rained and stormed in the summer evenings after a long, hot and humid day. The lightning displays were spectacular. So this doesn’t feel out of place to me. LOL Ask me again after my first rainy winter.

        It’s ironic at the moment that it’s raining here and on the east coast there’s heat waves and bush fire alerts. Wasn’t so long ago that it was the other way around.

        Oh and introverts unite – from a safe distance. 😉 LOL Although there are some for whom I am more than willing to push passed my comfort zone. 🙂

        1. “introverts unite from a safe distance” LOL oh yeah! we should wear t-shirts! but it’s totally worth the nerves to meet some people 😉

          and I think you brought the humidity with you – I wonder if you could send it home? LOL