Who Do You Blame for Your Love of Reading?

As a kid, my parents were always trying to get me to “put down that book and go play outside!” But they only had themselves to blame. Even before I could read, Mum’s treat for me during the weekly grocery shop would often be a Little Golden Book.

Do you remember who or which books sparked your love of reading? Was it a movie perhaps that you loved and then wanted to read the original book?

Books are such a joy. They’re adventure, escape and reassurance. They let us share others’ emotions. Studies prove that reading encourages empathy. Maybe all politicians should be made to read a children’s book before they take office!

I’m in a bit of a nostalgic mood. So apart from asking you about who or what sparked your reading habit, I thought I’d ask about food.

Food Memories

Do you have any foods that you eat because they’re part of good memories? Comfort foods, I guess. When I think about it, most of mine are sweet! Hot chocolate, apple crumble (homemade, of course!) and pancakes. And ice cream cake … I love ice cream cake!

Pre-order Bargain

I saw this on my wanderings through Facebook. The authors involved are organising some pre-release promotion.

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Fantastical Island Update After Release

It’s been a week since Fantastical Island released. I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying it. Thank you HEAPS for the messages and reviews. Thank you to everyone who quietly mentioned it to a friend.

I’m about to hit the button to raise Fantastical Island to full price ($2.99), so if you want to nab it at 99c, do it now! It will remain free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

kindle unlimited, paranormal romance, Jenny Schwartz

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

Amanda M Lee is a prolific writer. She has a slightly snarky tone in her upbeat mysteries. I enjoy them and definitely enjoyed Off the Record, a recent release. However, I recommend starting at the beginning with this series. The characters grow on you 🙂

kindleAnd speaking of new additions to enjoyable series, Lindsay Buroker released Cyborg Legacy. Again, it won’t make as much sense if you start the series here, but for fans of her Fallen Empire series, Cyborg Legacy is fun.

7 Replies to “Who Do You Blame for Your Love of Reading?”

  1. Can I hug Maria a little too – what an amazing achievement. It’s hard to be first, but so worthwhile. 🙂 And I love A Wrinkle in Time. 🙂

    I’m not sure who to blame. I can’t remember when I wasn’t reading a book once I started school. I didn’t get the ‘put down the book, go outside and play’. I was told ‘put down the book and do your homework’. Oops! I remember the little Golden Books. I loved those.

    LOL Perhaps I’ll blame the writers too for giving me such wonderful stories to read. 🙂 😉

    1. D – oh yeah! reading fiction was so much better than doing homework … ahem, schoolfriends will tell you that I even read in class, book under the desk 😉

      And you can definitely hug Maria — you distract her and I’ll steal her cute dog (Don’t worry, Maria knows I have plans to dognap Nana – only the fact she’s in Texas stops me!)

  2. I was a voracious reader as a child, but first I had to learn English. LOL. English is not my first language and it was a real struggle especially since my parents didn’t know English either. It was all on me.

    The first book that hooked me was also one of the hardest books I ever tackled. I had to keep a dictionary with me as I read it. A Wrinkle in Time.

    1. Wow! I want to hug little you, Maria. Glad a classic like “A Wrinkle in Time” hooked you. Super-glad you kept on with the reading, which led to the writing, because I love your homestead reports 🙂