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Isn’t the cover for Storm Road beautiful? I’m such a fan of Lou Harper’s designs. And the book is every bit as intense. So much emotion in this story.

The draft blurb is below. I don’t have a pre-order link, yet. But stay tuned! You’ll want to read Beulah and Dean’s story.

When a woman with secrets saves a man hunted by a ghoul, the choice is stark: salvation or damnation.

Major Dean Fortescue, JAG lawyer and former marine, enters the Southern Appalachian Mountains to find his aunt, who has gone missing. He discovers her house burned down, a ghoul in residence, and a mysterious woman who claims to control the weather.

Beulah Morgan is a weathermage, home after months away on a scientific research vessel in the Southern Ocean. When her mountain retreat is invaded by death magic, old memories resurface and with them, the worst kind of danger: soul danger.

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

I guess you might call Justice is Calling by Justin Sloan and Michael Anderle a dystopian paranormal novel. Genre-bending makes for compelling reading. (It’s also currently only 99c if you’re not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber). Available as an audiobook.

A vampire princess in post-apocalyptic New York works to bring the city to order and set up a defense before her nefarious brother arrives to destroy it with his army of evil vampires.

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In Artful Peter David has a lot of fun spinning off from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist to present the Artful Dodger with some vampire complications. The introduction was particularly funny.

That said, my favourite Artful Dodger remains the one in Dodger by Terry Pratchett. Then again, Sir Terry Pratchett was an amazing author, one of my heroes.

New Release

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Just out today, Nephilim Falling by Felicia Beasley looks like exactly my kind of read.

He’s a fireball slinging angel-spawn. She’s a demon’s snarky progeny.
Everyone knows demons and angels don’t mix.
Unfortunately, no one told them.

Free Book!

I’ve just released Fantasy Man as an individual novella. It was originally part of the DARE collection, but that’s no longer available. To celebrate the release, Fantasy Man is free on Amazon till March 12.

Buy link:

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