New Books, New Hobbies

Finding Time for Dream Hobbies

Just at the moment I am too busy to do anything other than write – trying to add another book to 2017’s publishing schedule is punishing – but I’m encouraging myself by dreaming of the hobbies I would take up if I had the time/money/courage enough for each of them.

The first is the simplest. I’d love to try glass-blowing. I adore Murano glass and there are local artists where I live, too, who do amazing work.

The second is the never-in-a-million-years-would-I-be-brave-enough-to-try-it, but gliding would be thrilling. I would love to soar like bird, no engine, just wind power. Swooping and diving and … yeah, I’d never dare, but these are dream hobbies.

Finally, I’d like to grow mushrooms, the really unique species. I imagine living somewhere in the country with a cave…

Do you have any unusual hobbies, or hobbies you’d like to try?

New Books, Special Prices

My latest release, Storm Road, is at 99c till Friday April 14. Please don’t miss grabbing it while it’s cheap!

Also, I’ve popped Fire Fall up for pre-order (again, at 99c) so if you want to nab it now, you can! It’ll release May 26.

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Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

kindle unlimitedI love the Magic Bullet series by A. Blythe. A djinn without her powers as the heroine? Oh yeah!

The Rogue Prince, a spin-off from Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire series is out tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it. Space opera with a touch of romance is fun.




Weekend Wishes

I hope you have a fantastic weekend – happy and peaceful. I’ll be writing (what else? 😉 ) and hopefully watching some football on TV. That is such a good excuse to sloth. I love slothing – maybe I should have added it as a dream hobby?

Happy weekend!


7 Replies to “New Books, New Hobbies”

  1. Dream hobbies – dancing – I’d love to learn the tango. Okay, I love them all. I have a brave daughter who sings and acts, and I’d love to have the courage to do that. The shower will have to endure my singing renditions instead. LOL And finally, gardening, and then cooking what I’ve grown, but I already enjoy my favourite hobby – reading. 🙂

    The glass blowing did sound exciting, but the gliding – this girl is happy to have her head in the clouds, but her feet are firmly, and I do mean firmly, placed on the ground. 🙂

    1. I wish I had a smidgen of your daughter’s talent. I had dance lessons as a kid. LOL no sense of rhythm here. I used to count the steps – lips moving! So not a natural groover 😉

      Gardening must be different for you here. Less tropical plants. New challenges!

      1. I’m certain that talent skipped a generation. LOL

        Very different. So much sand, and I’m still trying to figure out if I’m in a Mediterranean climate or a desert one. Or both. Maybe it’s both. :/ 🙂

        1. The old gardening books reckon Perth is Mediterranean, but now they’ve changed it to arid. Sadly, I think they’re right. We’re gardening in a desert *sigh*

  2. Archaeology – oh yeah! What a great choice. Me, too!

    For mushrooms I think I’d start relatively easy with oyster mushrooms, then branch out.

  3. Dream hobbies? So many things spring to mind, an amateur archeologist, mountain climbing, and teaching dogs how to herd. Apparently, the last one is a lost cause. I have no talent and neither does Nana. LOL!

    re: mushrooms?
    What kind of mushrooms would you grow?