Friday is the Final Day to Grab STORM ROAD for 99c. Plus Other Stuff!

Just in case you’ve missed me being noisy and annoying (or that’s how promoting a book feels to me) then this is a final reminder to pick up my new release, Storm Road, while it’s 99c during its release week, which ends on Friday April 14 (I was a bit generous in my definition of a week 😉 ).

Storm Road  – a Gothic thriller, mystery and suspense as a woman with secrets allies with a former marine to defeat a Civil War ghoul.

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It remains FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

If You Swear, Here Are Some Options

In real life, I … um … swear. Quite a bit. Sometimes about politics *wry smile* But in my books, I often want a word that isn’t too harsh, yet still expresses a character’s feelings. Here are some “polite” swearwords.

Have You Ever Made Beer Bread?

I’ve never even tasted beer bread, but I’m curious. I’ve found a recipe for it, Honey Beer Bread, and I might try it once the weather cools. Any tips? Do you have a tried and tested recipe for beer bread?

Happy Easter!

Since I won’t have another newsletter going out before Sunday, I want to wish you an early Happy Easter! May you have a peaceful weekend filled with sunshine and chocolate.

I think most countries celebrate Easter with chocolate bunny rabbits and eggs. Well, here in Australia we just have to do things differently. We still have the bunnies, but we also have bilbies.

My big plan for this weekend is to eat chocolate while reading. Doesn’t that sound good?

Her Robot Wolf

Next week I’m diving into Her Robot Wolf. Jaya (the heroine) is proving interesting. I’ve invented her profession – starship shaman – and now I have to work out what she does! Or rather, how she does it. Twisting science and magic together is tricky. You never know if everything will explode! Not that Jaya wants to make things explode … although, with Vulf kidnapping her, it would serve him right if she exploded something on his ship, Orion.

Oh, and wait till you meet his ship’s A.I. (artificial intelligence). Ahab is a hoot! Imagine Jeeves (the butler PG Wodehouse wrote), but as a disembodied, interfering starship command.

You might be able to guess that I’m really excited to be writing Her Robot Wolf.

Remember! Pick up your copy of Storm Road today for 99c. It goes full price at the end of Friday April 14.

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3 Replies to “Friday is the Final Day to Grab STORM ROAD for 99c. Plus Other Stuff!”

  1. I just can’t picture you swearing. lol

    It will be interesting to read what a starship shaman does, once your character decides to share her secrets. 😉 🙂

    I haven’t tried beer bread. I just make a basic loaf or a choc/fruit one.

    1. Mmm, homemade fruit loaf. Yum!

      As for swearing … ooh boy! It’s a good thing there’s no secret camera inside my car when I’m driving. I vent when another driver does something stupid – and usually someone does! I don’t envy you having to get used to West Aussie drivers.