Beauty Conquers the Beast – NEW and FREE April 23-24

I have a bonus story for you! Beauty Conquers the Beast is a twist on the original fairytale of “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s free Sunday April 23 and Monday April 24 – and always free to read in Kindle Unlimited. Grab it today!

Happy reading!

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Lady Nora and Prince Alexander were never friends, and she can’t think of anyone more deserving of the curse that made him the Beast of the Sighaway Forest. But when six princesses from neighboring kingdoms fail to break the curse, it’s more than just the big and brutish Alexander who is suffering.

For her country, and out of an overdeveloped sense of duty, Nora will enter the beast’s castle. She’ll fight mysterious magic and confront the secrets of her heart, but the elusive beast remains untamable.

The shocking solution to breaking the curse will change Nora’s life forever.

Beauty Conquers the Beast is a short romantic fantasy.

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10 Replies to “Beauty Conquers the Beast – NEW and FREE April 23-24”

  1. That’s it. I am convinced you don’t sleep. I don’t know how you find the time to write, edit, publish, and now cover design too. No wonder you’re looking for the coffee.

    I love the cover too and your latest is on my reading list. 🙂

  2. Is this a new short story? I haven’t seen this one before OR it slipped my attention, and I don’t see how. Because I’m loving that cover!!!

    1. It’s brand new! Once I thought of the title, I couldn’t resist writing it 🙂 And I made the cover – so I’m strutting like a peacock here (or would be if I didn’t still need coffee to wake up — 6:30 am) with pride for your compliment 🙂

      1. Well, then…congratulations, Madame. It’s a lovely, beautiful cover!! Great job! I think I’m going to read this as soon as I finish The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir. Glad I got a copy. Love retellings!

          1. Oh!! It is good. England. During WWII. You know me…historical fiction. It’s really good. Probably going to be o e of my faves so far this year.

        1. It does sound good!

          One of my favourite Golden Age British mystery writers, Margery Allingham, wrote about life in England during the war – wrote it literally during WWII, I mean. Fascinating to read the attitudes and behaviours not filtered by looking back from the security of victory. It was called “The Oaken Heart” is you ever stumble across it. I found it in the library years ago.

          1. Thanks for the rec! I’m going to look it up on my library’s website OR search it online. I’d love to read that!