A Spring Into Spring Book Sale, the Readers Rock Mega Event and News on Her Robot Wolf

Oh, I have good stuff for you today! Two awesome book sales, a book with a fire-breathing unicorn shifter, and if you scroll to the end of the post, the draft blurb for Her Robot Wolf. Plus, I saw pelicans!

The Readers Rock Mega Event presents over 200 books (mostly romance novels) at 99c each. That’s perfect if you’re staying inside to escape spring/autumn hayfever – I hope you’re not suffering from it!

The Spring into Romance Book Sale runs April 27-29 with some gorgeous romance novels – all at 99c.

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

Blood Moon by Lena Hillbrand and Lena Mae Hill has an interesting twist on vampires and a world in which they’re in charge. For those of you who aren’t Kindle Unlimited subscribers, I think it’s only 99c today – enjoy!
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A fire-snorting, C4-chewing unicorn – and that’s just the heroine! (when she’s transformed). I loved the craziness of Playing with Fire by R.J. Blain. I admit, I also cried while reading it, just at one point, near the beginning, which is proof of how into the story I was.


New Release

Prowlers and Growlers: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection with stories from bestselling authors has just released, and the huge boxset is only 99c!

I wish I could have taken a better photo, but it was difficult to bring them into focus fast enough. I was at the beach the other day, and it had visitors. I love pelicans. One of them landed and sidled up to a pair of fishermen. “Hey, mister, can you spare a fish?” So adorable.


Draft Blurb for Her Robot Wolf

Jaya Romanov is an independent star ship shaman. She studies the energy flows of the universe and—for a price—will harness them to her employer’s purpose. Wormholes are a whole lot safer to travel when a shaman guides the jump.

Vulf Trent is a bounty hunter. It was that or join the family business, piracy, and Vulf is too much the lone wolf to tolerate the demands of a large pirate crew. Where his family enjoys the bonds of pack, he prefers the freedom of ranging the universe, alone.

Seven generations ago, humanity evacuated Earth and the shifter clans’ ability to transform into their primal animal forms was one of the most terrible losses of that time. Now, the werewolves, werebears and other shifters are trapped in their human bodies and slowly losing the essence of their primal souls. Jaya is determined to heal their torn transformational abilities, but Vulf doesn’t believe her.

He didn’t kidnap her for her healing abilities.

Pre-order link soon!

5 Replies to “A Spring Into Spring Book Sale, the Readers Rock Mega Event and News on Her Robot Wolf”

  1. “He didn’t kidnap her for her healing abilities.” Heh heh. I can’t imagine what he wants instead. 😉

    OMG the pelicans are huge here. When I was on my honeymoon, hubby and I were sitting on a bench along the foreshore pigging out on fish and chips, and taking in the view when I had that feeling someone was staring at me. I turned and was eye to eye with the biggest pelican I’d ever seen. Its beak was longer than my arm. The food got squashed because I leapt from the chair into hubby’s lap, I was so startled. LOL You think that would have scared it off, but no, it moved in closer waiting for us to share our now very flat fish and chips.

  2. Good morning to you, Jenny!! (Although afternoon here & an absolute beautiful day.)

    Love when your posts contain pics. I like pelicans too. They’re our state bird. I know whatcha mean about trying to snap a pic of them. They may be big but they’re fast. When I visit my aunt in LaPorte, Texas (it’s on the bay), we always walk around the park and there are so many pelicans. So much fun to watch!

    Anywho, just wanted to letcha know that I finished BEAUTY CONQUERS THE BEAST and wrote a review on Amazon & Goodreads. Great short story!! Loved it!!

    1. Pelicans are fast! When you see them on the ground, you wouldn’t believe it, but in the air … zoom! LaPorte sounds like my kind of town!

      Glad you’re having a beautiful day. I think spring and fall are my favourite seasons. Not too cool, not to hot. It’s lovely weather here, too. I should get out and about with my camera some more 🙂

      Thank you so much for the lovely review. Fairtytales were a big part of my childhood, too.