Happy Snaps and a May Sale!

On a glorious autumn day, I took a stroll by the river. (Scroll down for an awesome romance book sale with over 25 novels at 99c each).

The sky and river were both overwhelmingly blue.
I wasn’t the only one enjoying the sunshine.
A fallen tree, still beautiful.
A fallen tree, still beautiful.

It might be heading into winter here, but the garden is flowering as if it’s spring! These are all self-sown flowers: nasturtiums, snapdragons and stocks. Even the violets are from seeds that drifted from their original bed.

Last year I sowed “peaches and cream” nasturtiums. This year I have a crimson jewel!
This is fairly close to the original “peaches and cream” from last year.
Sweet, subtle fragrance to this snapdragon
Stocks always seem old-fashioned to me. But lovely.
I love finding violets in the garden

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Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

These aren’t really discoveries…

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber and haven’t already read my short romantic fantasy novellas, they’re all in there:

Beauty Conquers the Beast

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Denying the Dragon

The Crocodile Virgin

Her Robot Wolf

I’m having an absolute blast writing Her Robot Wolf. Professor Summer has to be the most unique academic you’ll ever encounter. And wait till you enter Proper University! Ooh, an university of aliens is so cool 🙂



3 Replies to “Happy Snaps and a May Sale!”

    1. Thank you 🙂 As for selling my pics … when I see the gorgeous ones on those sites, I know I’m outclassed. I’m just grateful for digital photography – I never could have afforded developing the old film — and that shows how old I am … I remember going to chemists to get photos developed!