Desert Devil Cover Reveal & So Much More!

Cover Reveal: Desert Devil

Desert Devil, the fifth book in the Old School series, is out in August. I don’t have a pre-order link yet, but this is the cover and it is AWESOME! I am so thrilled. Thank you, Lou Harper.

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Draft Blurb for Desert Devil

Donna Keats is a seer. But when she defies fate to save her estranged foster brother she becomes fate’s victim.

As one of only three couriers alive, Forrest “Rest” Castillo can travel anywhere on Earth in seconds. However, the price of his rare talent is to be forever alone. Anyone who gets close to him becomes a potential hostage for the powerful people that seek to own him.

Two years ago, Rest retreated to the isolated beauty of the Arizona desert to save those who have his loyalty and love, but it was the wrong strategy. It’s not his life that should be sacrificed for peace. Nor will it be Donna’s.

Rest’s enemies are about to learn that this former Army Ranger is not as alone as they believed, and that no conspiracy can be buried forever.

The time has come for Rest to walk the Path of justice, and Donna will match him step for step.

Romance Book Fair

The Romance Book Fair runs June 15-21. Something for everyone! And a chance to win a $75 giftcard. Have fun!

Show Me the Romance


There are so many great romance books showcased in Show Me the Romance which runs just a day or so longer. I hope you discover some new favourites.

Finding Great Reads in Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited I’ve been sharing books I’ve discovered in Kindle Unlimited in my posts here, but I recently started a searchable page for them on Facebook. If you’re interested (and I would absolutely love comments on the Facebook page) it is called Always Another Great Book.

New Releases

Equality by Alisdair Shaw is the third book in his Two Democracies sci fi series. I really enjoyed Liberty, book 1. There’s something about an artificial intelligence and how we relate to it that fascinates me.



kindle unlimited New release Marked by Sin by Jasmine Walt & Debbie Cassidy sounds fascinating. An alternate London ruled by Hindu gods!





Her Robot Wolf – So What Did You Think?

What did you think of my venture into scifi romance? So far the reviews and comments sent to me for Her Robot Wolf have been positive. Yay! I was nervous about this book that crashed my writing plans for 2017, but I think it was worth squeezing it in. Now, I’m wondering about a sequel, tentatively titled Stargirl & Her Wolf.

If you haven’t read Her Robot Wolf yet, it’s only 99c (or free in Kindle Unlimited).

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