5 Free Short Stories, A Quick Halloween Question & A Walk in the Park!

Five Free Short Romances

If you haven’t already read these five of my short romances, hurry to grab them today! They’re only free on Freebie Friday.

Midnight Kiss, a Regency romance
Denying the Dragon, a paranormal romance
The Crocodile Virgin, a paranormal romance
Kiss Me, Quick, a sweet cowboy romance
Beauty Conquers the Beast, a fairy tale romance

Halloween Help!

I need your help. I’m thinking of writing a short story for Halloween set in my Shamans & Shifters Space Opera world. I want to make sure I include your favourite things about Halloween, so what are they?

Is it the food? Which foods?

The costumes?

Has anyone played a fun (not infuriating) trick as part of the “trick or treat” element?

Are there Halloween games you love?

Any superstitions?

Anything at all! Tell me, please.

Testing a New Cover for Her Robot Wolf

I’ve given Her Robot Wolf a new look as I work on its sequel – which has also had a name change from Stargirl & Her Wolf to Shifting Stars. I really liked the original cover, but the title was hard to read in thumbnail.

Strolling in the Park

I haven’t shared any photos recently. These are from some local parks. I wasn’t the only one strolling along 😉

Out for a stroll
After the rain, it was still perfect weather for ducks!
The wildflowers are already out! They’re anticipating spring. Although this was in a planted garden, not bushland.