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Weird Westerns

When I wrote Desert Devil I knew it wasn’t a weird western even if it had magic and was set in Arizona, and I was a bit sad about that because I’d LOVE to write a weird western, if only I had the time.

weird westerns, kindle unlimited,Weird westerns have been around for a few years, but I think they’re set to really resurge. Kind of like space opera. The quest element combined with the strong imagery of the setting just draws people in.

I love the quirkiness that results that mashing together genres. Weird westerns often have a bit of steampunk in them (re-imagining the past, often with clockwork or other alternative technology) which I adore. But there are other options, like adding magic!

Elven gunslingers. If I could clone myself I’d write a series about a female elf who becomes a gunslinger but never actually shoots anyone. She gets out of trouble via ingenuity, like the original Macgyver! There would be a bookish dragon and an opinionated unicorn and I would have an absolute blast writing the series.

Simply based on how much I want to read books like this, I have to imagine that fantasy westerns have a huge unmet readership, which is what is needed for this subgenre of fantasy to explode. So when it does, you heard it hear first – and if you hear of a way for me to clone myself, please tell me!

Vintage Romance

Contemporary romance is a huge and popular genre. I think some of that readership could very easily be convinced to devour books set just a few decades ago. Think of the TV show Mad Men. When you mix nostalgia and glamour with strong storylines, people are hooked.

Look out for books from the 1960s to 1990s. People are starting to call this vintage romance – written now, about then.

If there’s a way to give a nod toward the classic TV shows without breaking copyright, I think that will be a real winner. A genie and an astronaut in the 1960s (I Dream of Jeannie), a blended family (The Brady Bunch), Bewitched, etc. This is a goldmine for authors, and I think they’ll be mining it soon.

Would you read vintage romance?

Heads Up!

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Update on Shifting Stars

I’ve been sharing snippets from Shifting Stars, the sequel to Her Robot Wolf, on Twitter and my Facebook page. This is one of my favourites. I’m having a wonderful time with Jaya and Vulf’s ongoing adventures.