Nearly Halloween, Not Spooky At All Post

Are you ready for Halloween? We have chocolates in the house, really yummy ones that make me contemplate hiding from any trick-or-treaters and eating them myself – no, I wouldn’t! But … mmm, chocolate 🙂

In case you missed it, this was my earlier post with a spooky, eclectic list of books suitable for Halloween reading (you know, while eating chocolate) that are free in Kindle Unlimited.

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A Huge Thank You!

I wanted to say a huge thank you to fellow authors Danielle Fin and PG Forte for their help in getting the word out about Cosmic Catalyst‘s release.

Danielle has a new sci fi novel that’s sexy and exciting, Yash. Warriors of Zelenian.

When disasters strike, who can she trust? Her own villagers that she has known all her life? Or the human she has just known but came to love?

Yash never cared for the males in her village—hell, she only cared about protecting her village. Then, they came. Humans. And her world was turned upside down.

By a tall, sexy human soldier.

Maximus always followed the rules. Well, almost always, but it is hard to resist a beautiful creature when she throws her sexually charged self into him. Now he would do anything to protect her…and please her.

There is just one…big…problem.

An ancient prophecy is set in motion and Max must work with Yash to figure out who the prophecy child could be.

Buy link:

And PG Forte – have you seen the new covers for her magical Oberon series? They are gorgeous. If Oberon was real, that lovely Californian town would have to be my new home. I love these novels.

Scent of the Roses by PG Forte

Twenty years ago, a slumber party prank gets out of hand. Sixteen-year-old Scout Patterson is hypnotized by her step-sister Lisa, and two of their friends – with disastrous results. First, things turn ugly. Then things turn deadly. Amidst a string of unsolved murders, Lisa disappears, and Scout is sent away from home.

Now, Scout has returned to Oberon in search of answers. What she finds instead are lies and betrayal… and a second chance at her first love.

Memories and dreams are the only things that have gotten Nick Greco through the past twenty years. Memories of the girl he loved and lost. Dreams of what life would be like, if he could only find her again, and if he can bring himself to believe that anything she tells him is the truth.

When Scout’s homecoming is followed by a reoccurrence of deadly attacks and mysterious disappearances, Nick can’t help but wonder how Scout is involved. And, even as he is falling in love with her again, he must work to solve a twenty-year old mystery – or risk losing her forever.

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A massive thank you to one of the kindest book blogger you’ll ever meet, Talking Books Blog. Thank you for your post for Cosmic Catalyst and all of your RTs. And thank you on behalf of all the Aussie authors you support. You’re a legend 🙂

And finally, thank you, all of you, for letting me know how much you’re enjoying Vulf and Jaya’s adventures. Honestly, it’s your enthusiasm that keeps me writing (well, that and chocolate 😉 ).

PS Cosmic Catalyst won’t be 99c forever, so if you haven’t picked it up yet … 


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I know I said this post wouldn’t be spooky, but I can’t resist sharing a “Halloween food” with you. Have you ever eaten Goblin Eyes? You have to be blindfolded, then someone will put them on your plate and you have to pick them up with your fingers. They’re wet and sticky and faintly squishy.

Are you eeked out yet?

They’re peeled grapes! I read about this trick when I was a kid and it’s always appealed (heh! see that pun a-peeled!) to me. Decades later, I still peel grapes and eat Goblin Eyes.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. This Halloween contest isn’t open until tomorrow – you know, Halloween itself – but bookmark it. There’s a $70 Amazon gift card up for grabs at Here Be Magic, a blog run by a group of authors, myself included. They’re a fun crowd. Good luck! But remember, the contest doesn’t start till Tuesday 31 October.

Contest link:

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  1. So I’m not the only one who buys chocolates they like in case no one shows up for Halloween and I HAVE TO eat them instead. Good to know. LOL

    Those books look interesting, Jenny. Thanks for sharing.

    And Happy Halloween. 🙂