New Release! Shattered Earth – Shamans & Shifters

Shattered Earth is out! This is Kohia and Nairo’s story, and what an exciting story it is!

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The scum of the galaxy are using Earth as a nuclear winter death camp. It outrages pirate captain Kohia Jekyll’s sense of justice. No one deserves to die agonizingly of radiation poisoning, especially not on the planet humanity had to evacuate seven generations ago. So Kohia intends to close the prison camp down.

She didn’t count on an infuriating shaman healer hitching a ride aboard her starship.

Nairo Bloodstone isn’t going to Earth to be a hero. He learned the hard way that when you’re a healer, doing your best for people is never enough. One miracle leads them to demand another and another. Heroes die exhausted and alone, and the galaxy continues with billions of people still clamoring for a miracle-worker to save them.

No, Nairo isn’t going to Earth to be a hero. He intends to change what it means to be human.

Shattered Earth is a stand-alone novella in the Shamans & Shifters Space Opera series.

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In Other News

I’ve refreshed the covers for the Shamans & Shifters series. The biggest change is to Her Robot Wolf.

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If you haven’t already read Her Robot Wolf, you might want to wait till December 4 to pick up a copy. Her Robot Wolf will be FREE (yes, free) on Amazon December 4-8. Of course, it’s always free to read if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

Speaking of which, I’ve read some interesting books in Kindle Unlimited recently. You can find my snippet reviews on my Facebook page, Always Another Great Book.

Happy reading!

(Now, where’s the emergency stash of chocolate to survive Release Day?)

11 Replies to “New Release! Shattered Earth – Shamans & Shifters”

  1. I’m halfway through reading book two when the notification for book three arrived. Squee!

    Have I mentioned lately how amazing you are? 🙂

    Hope you found the emergency stash, but if not, get some more – immediately.

    1. You can call me amazing any day, D 🙂 and you’re so wise – must replace my emergency chocolate stash! Hope you’re enjoying Cosmic Catalyst – and not too stressed with end of year and Christmas approaching!

      1. Another day, another ‘you’re amazing’. 🙂

        I am enjoying your book and will share my review soon.

        Stressed – My current editing job is challenging, I have a blog due, and I have a short story coming out in an anthology next month – which I’ll share in my blog, and I’ve thought about Christmas, but that’s it. Now I need chocolate. Or cider. Maybe both.

    2. Sorry for the ear-splitting squeal of excitement – just read your comment. So happy! – “Just finished your book, Jenny. I feel like I’ve been to a movie marathon, the sci fi imagery and your story telling was so good.”

      Have a fabulous week! Sneak in some writing 🙂