Somewhat Random – I have a new release in a week!

I forgot to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! Being Aussie, it’s not a holiday I grew up with, but I like the idea of celebrating how much we have to be thankful for – it’s okay, I’m not going to start a list 😉 but I do want to say that you all make writing a lot less of an alone-in-an-attic activity than it traditionally was. Thank you for your comments and support!

November Roundup of SciFi Books

Since starting the Facebook page, Always Another Great Book, to help people find great books in Kindle Unlimited, I’ve been reading a lot more science fiction. I’ve also discovered how hard it can be to find great books that haven’t caught the Amazon algorithm love. In other words, the books that aren’t on the best-seller lists or on popular books’ also-boughts. So promotions like the November Roundup of SciFi Books helps to discover these gems.

Plus, Amy J Murphy has a box set of her Allies and Enemies trilogy for US$5.99.

Featuring the two-time Dragon Award Finalist for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel, the Allies and Enemies Trilogy Box Set has all the ingredients for a thrilling space opera page-turner.

With a vivid cast of characters—kick-ass heroines, gnarly space pirates, powered armor and vicious cybernetically enhanced assassins— this series pulls you into a ruined galactic empire filled with undiscovered dangers. Firefly and Star Wars fans alike are sure to enjoy this fast-paced military science fiction adventure.

Buy link:

Wandering Around the Net

I am a gold star procrastinator, and sometimes I call it research! I thought I’d share some of my discoveries with you.

Urban Fantasy’s Unique Female Hero (I’ve actually read a lot of urban fantasy with male leads, but the feminist analysis remains interesting).

The World of Art Trafficking

The Piri Reis Map (I love way-out theories and mysterious objects and places).

And finally, because in writing The Ceph Sector I’m obsessed with all things octopus) the story of an octopus’s gratitude.

Jingle Stars

My Christmas novella, Jingle Stars, is out next Monday. When I originally thought of writing a Christmas novella with Ahab, the artificial intelligence from the Orion starship, as the hero, I imagined it would be light and funny. Instead, as I wrote, the story grew quite surprisingly tough. I channelled something of Charles Dickens into a space opera: the idea of street children (or in this case, space station junkyard kids) having no one to help them, but being there for one another. I guess, as Dickens knew, the reward of a happy ending is that sweeter when you’ve endured the characters’ struggles with them.

You can pre-order Jingle Stars

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