New Release: Enjoy Christmas in Space with “Jingle Stars” PLUS A Bonanza of Book Promos

This is a bumper edition of my newsletter as I get ready for Christmas, so keep scrolling and enjoy! You’ll find a ton of books to snap up either free or at deep discounts.

Jingle Stars!

Grab your copy of my just released Christmas science fiction novella, Jingle Stars, and discover what happens when a starship decides to play Santa Claus.

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When a starship decides to play Santa Claus…

Ahab is a mLa’an artificial intelligence embedded in the starship, Orion.

The campaign for AIs to be recognized as full citizens of Galaxy Proper is within reach of its extraordinary goal. The only thing that could stop it now is if an AI did something foolish…like take a space station hostage to save eight orphaned children.

And this is the letter to Santa that starts it all:

Dear Santa

I don’t know if your reindeers work in space. But if you have room in your sleigh after you finish delivering presents to the lucky kids with parents and homes, can you come and get me and my friends? Please?

We’ve been good. Well,we haven’t been really bad. We’re on Station Elphame, in the junkyard, and Zoe is sick. She’s bad sick. I think she’d be better on a planet. We don’t need presents. We just need a way out of here. Ollie tried to sneak onto a trampship…he died.

Please, Santa, I don’twant any more of my friends to die.


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science fiction, jenny schwartz, kindle unlimited,To celebrate the release of Jingle Stars, I’m putting the first book in my Shamans & Shifters Space Opera series FREE for the first time ever! Her Robot Wolf is available exclusively on Amazon. Download it here:

Her Robot Wolf is FREE December 4-8, 2017.


December Super Sale – Science Fiction & Fantasy – 99c or FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Dominion Rising presents the December Super Sale. More great books than you can shake a light sabre at 😉

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Holiday Romance

Are you in the mood for romance? Christmas can be an emotional time of year. Why not choose a book with a guaranteed happy ending?(that’s a big part of why I like reading and writing romance) The Holiday Romance promotion runs throughout December. Promo link:

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Christmas Gifts

If you’re about to embark on an epic Christmas gift buying spree (good luck!) Maria Zannini has put together an awesome list of ideas. You can find it at her blog:

Have you heard of Iceland’s Christmas Book Flood this time of year? They give each other books on Christmas Eve, then curl up snug and warm to read them through the night. Lovely. A book for Christmas is a joy all year 🙂

Thanks for reading this bumper edition of my newsletter. I hope you’re now all stocked up with books for the holiday season, and especially Christmas Eve 🙂

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  1. Maria, I’m glad the letter to Santa hit your emotions – it has to justify my artificial intelligence hero going rogue!

    Your blog post is fantastic. Of course I was going to steal … uh, share … it 🙂

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