So Many Books! Plus News, Including a Secret Revealed!

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Also, if you scroll down to the end, there’s a tiny snippet from The Ceph Sector, which will be out in February.

And a secret project revealed.

Which reminds me! It’s time I got back to work 🙂

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The Ceph Sector Snippet

ceph sector, space opera, scifiromance, kindle unlimited,“Excuse us,” Professor Summer said abruptly. He gripped one of his niece’s middle appendage joints, the equivalent of an elbow, and despite his frailty and her princess status, hauled her to the door.

Nimrod leaned his head back and laughed. “An interesting meeting. At least the expedition won’t be boring.” Abruptly he looked at me, not Vulf. “Do you agree with your mate’s decision to put planet killers in place?”

Tilla halted in the doorway.

“Yes,” I said definitely. “It’s not the decision I would have made if I led the expedition—and I’d have been wrong. Vulf will make the necessary, hard decisions and live with the consequences.”

Devs pushed her chair back from the table and spun it a fraction left, then a fraction right, as she considered Vulf and me. “In case no one told you, leadership of the expedition is something none of us wanted. Whatever the outcome, there will be people unhappy with it.”

Nimrod pouted at his lieutenant. “Are you saying I chase popularity?”

She ignored his teasing. “None of us want to lead the expedition, but all of us want to use it to meet our own agendas.”

Vulf finally smiled.

Devs flinched and Nimrod was suddenly, startlingly still. His stillness was a fighter’s readiness, an answer to the teeth-baring challenge of Vulf’s smile.

My mate stated his position clearly. “I am not here to make friends. Jaya is.” He ran his hand along my arm in an instinctive caress, one of love and concern. “My mate likes people. I’m here to ensure her safety, and that means getting the expedition done fast and efficiently.” He didn’t add any threats to his statement. They were implied. Anyone who got in the way of completing our Galactic Court ordered intelligence gathering mission to the Ceph Sector would be dealt with, harshly, and the political consequences bedamned.

“And to hell with who you sacrifice to save Jaya?” Dan Carson interjected softly.

Nimrod’s head snapped around so that he could study the shaman weapons master.

“Is Jaya in danger?” Tilla took a step back into the meeting room.

The answer to that was complicated.

A Secret Project Revealed

fantasy, kindle unlimited,I’m working on a fantasy novel. Because, you know, working on The Ceph Sector wasn’t complicated enough!

The Troll Bridge is an old-fashioned fantasy like I read growing up in the ’80s and ’90s. Think Patricia Wrede. You’ll like it. I promise!

Stay tuned for more tantalising information…


3 Replies to “So Many Books! Plus News, Including a Secret Revealed!”

  1. I have officially lost track of all the cool stories you’re writing. 🙂 You’re amazing. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to reading about the Cephs, but darn you, where was my tissues warning for Jingle Stars? Oh the feels! LOL

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Jingle Stars – I just had to write it. Kind of like with “The Troll Bridge”. I think easily distracted would go on my report card – if authors got report cards! Still, the Ceph are coming…