Writing Update

Celebrations! Carina Press has accepted my Steampunk novella, Support Your Local Suffragette, and will publish it December 2011. I am so happy it’s a wonder I didn’t interfere with local air traffic, floating up to Cloud 9.

But now I’m down from Cloud 9 and writing busily. I want a first draft of Dark Oasis finished and tucked away to prove (to use a baking analogy) before I hit hard the revisions on Support Your Local Suffragette.

Attn: Free Books!

I knew that would get your attention 🙂

Carina Press is giving away one free digital book a day this week. You still have time to sneak in and snaffle Monday’s (since lazy old New York operates 12 hours behind this blog).


It’s FREE BOOK WEEK at Carina Press!!!

Every weekday, all week, Carina is offering a spectacular title for free download. And when they say free, they mean ACTUALLY free. Not “sorta free”, or “free with a $50 purchase” free, but actually, totally, no strings attached FREE! So, get thee to Carina press to download a free book every day! Here are the books being offered, and the links and promo codes for your free download:

Monday’s FREE BOOK is:
The Debutante’s Dilemma by Elyse Mady
Just type in the promo code DEBUTANTEFREE at checkout

Tuesday’s FREE BOOK is:
Demon’s Fall by Karalynn Lee
Just type in the promo code DEMONFREE at checkout

Wednesday’s FREE BOOK is:
The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale by Christine Bell
Just type in the promo code TWISTEDFREE at checkout

Thursday’s FREE BOOK is:
Blue Galaxy by Diane Dooley
Just type in the promo code GALAXYFREE at checkout

Friday’s FREE BOOK is:
Friendly Fire by Megan Hart
Just type in the promo code FRIENDLYFREE at checkout

TBR, Indies and Maria Zaninni’s "The Devil to Pay"

I used to be smug about my TBR pile. It was always manageable. Sometimes it was even non-existent.

Then came the Kindle.

Ooh boy. My TBR pile has exploded. It’s that damn one click, impulse buy and the seriously good authors I’m discovering.

But now I’m venturing into new territory — independently published books. Will I or won’t I love them?

First indie book is Maria Zaninni’s The Devil to Pay. Are there any Indies you love? would recommend?

Romance Round the Net

This is a good time to be an author — so says Alan Rinzler.

Of course, the people who read your book will forget it. Mind Hacks on biblioamnesia.

Philip Isles posted about Rejection and Recovery on Nathan Bransford’s blog. If your heart is strong enough to hope for the stars, then it’s strong enough to survive, regroup and try again. Don’t underestimate your own strength. Or to put it another way, live with courage, not doubt.

No More Laundry

I’m sure a few years ago I read about scientists developing clothes that would never need washing. I admit, my response was “Ewwww!”, but … wouldn’t it be nice if some chores could just vanish?

Even better, I want a fabric which dealt with clinging dog fur by vaporising it! I’d walk around in a haze of dog fur smoke 🙂

The Fur Factory