Terry Pratchett

With my mind so full of my own novel, I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on reviewing anyone else’s. So I thought I’d simply flat out recommend an all time, fantastic author.

Terry Pratchett.

If I hadn’t been such a shy kid way back when, I could have met him when he dropped into our university. Such a cool guy, sitting in our social club chatting.

The Discworld is so richly imagined and the characters so clear, the humour dry, the wisdom compassionate. I have read, and re-read these books.

Day Trader

Lyn definitely works as a day trader. The career choice reveals far more about her character, and enables her greater freedom of action than lawyering ever did. Plus, I can see that her fascination with patterns foreshadows her experience of portals. I’m annoyed to have to rewrite the first third of the book, but I’m pleased that this simple career change adds so much to the story.

I saw eternity

“I saw Eternity last night/Like a great ring of pure and endless light”
Henry Vaughan, The World

These lines have lingered with me for years and possibly prompted me into thinking of numinous experiences.

Time is our everyday experience, but here the poet is faced with eternity. It is a challenge, a reassurance, a demand to see himself and his world more clearly.

I saw eternity and in its light, what did I see?

Ever since I was taught the “sociological gaze” at uni, I guess I’ve been aware that we can (metaphorically) step back and view our world through a different lens. The numinous experience makes that demand of us. Here we are, but what more are we?

Review sites

I’ve been flicking around various book review sites in the last few weeks (mainly urban fantasy, although this slides into paranormal romance, fantasy in general, SF and crime) and I’ve come to the conclusion most are too crowded and the individual posts too long for my easily bewildered/distracted brain.

However, given the general resemblance of one to the other, am I the odd reader out? Does everyone else enjoy cover pics fighting for space, YouTube snips, large fonts and weird background colours?

If so, I’d guess this blog is going to be one that flowers unnoticed. Maybe a donkey orchid. After de-cluttering life, it’d be silly to clutter my online world.


Does pre-ordering books make them arrive faster? Probably not. I doubt my desperation to read the next book in a series affects publishers’ schedules. On the other hand, there is satisfaction in knowing I’ve done all I can do to get hold of the book asap.

So there’s my excuse for a buying binge on 2010 urban fantasy.

Diana Wynne Jones, Enchanted Glass
Patricia Briggs, Steel Borne
Patricia Briggs, Alpha and Omega
Tanya Huff, Enchantment Emporium
Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds
Lisa Shearin, Bewitched and Betrayed
Gail Carriger, Changeless

And I’m going to label this post reviews because handing over my money is a huge endorsement.