Speculative Fiction Romance Sale

For fantasy, paranormal romance and science fiction fans, there’s a Speculative Fiction Romance 99c Special on till June 30. Some fabulous books!

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I hope you’ve been reading some great books while I’ve been head down, writing Desert Devil. The hero insisted on rejoining his old combat courier unit, and I’ve been wrestling with more characters than normal – leaving me with little brain space for newsletter writing. It’s a wonder I haven’t replied to questions of whether I’d like a cuppa with “the pendant! who has the freakin’ pendant? Aarrghhh, the demon is here!”

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Summer Romance – Urban Fantasy Thrills! – Books Galore!!!

Lots & lots of books! Yay! It’s almost overwhelming – except, you can never have too many books 😉  Scroll down to the end for a sneak peek at Desert Devil.

Two Perfect Summer Romance Sales!

Need to fill your Kindle with romances to make the bookworm in you swoon this summer? Want to laze poolside or on the sand with books that’ll heat you up, sizzle your skin, and melt your heart? We’ve got 45+ FREE and bargain $0.99 romances to get you through the rest of summer. From sexy or sweet contemporaries to romantic comedy, historical, paranormal, romantic suspense, erotica, women’s fiction, and Urban fantasy/Sci-fi/fantasy – we’ve got you covered.

Go here before the sale ends:  http://traceyalvarez.com/summer-sale/

So many books to choose from! Scorching Summer Romance 99c Sale, June 21-25.

And there’s more!

Plus a Summer Solstice Sale (although I’m in winter!)

Summer Solstice Sale! Fifteen Authors are giving you the ultimate collection of 99 Cent reads featuring WITCHES, WIZARDS AND WARLOCKS! Stop by and pick up a new favorite read!

Giant Urban Fantasy Sale


The Giant Urban Fantasy Sale is on June 20-23. Jump into adventure with the added spice of magic!

Coming Soon!

Creatures is a multi-author box set that sounds enticing. Curling up for adventures both romantic and mysterious is perfect anytime of year! And it’s only 99c on pre-order.

You are about to enter the realm of Creatures, a boxed set packed with more than twenty enthralling tales of urban fantasy and paranormal romance! From witches to vampires, shifters to fae, and every dark creature known to lurk the pages of fantasy fiction, you’re sure to find yourself up past your bedtime and reading well into the witching hour!

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/Creatures-Limited-Collection-Fantasy-Paranormal-ebook/dp/B071HWQRZ3/

Desert Devil – Update

Desert Devil is on track for an early August release. No link yet, sorry. But here’s a sneak peek – and believe me, Rest has reason for his harshness!

“I’ll make you a deal,” she said impulsively. “I’ll leave right now, if you put the pendant on and promise not to take it off for a week.”

His dark gaze finally moved from her face to the pendant lying on the table in front of him. He turned it over thoughtfully.

“It’s a plain crystal,” she said. “It’s not a beacon or anything. It’ll keep you safe.”

“If I wear it.” He straightened the silver chain that held it.

“If you wear it, I’ll leave. No questions asked. I’ll forget you’re here.”

The corners of his mouth indented at that promise, either from irony at knowing how impossible her promise was to fulfil or because somewhere hidden he also felt the wrongness of there being no ties between them.

He looked up abruptly. “Okay.” He looped the chain over his neck, tucking the black tourmaline crystal beneath his shirt. He stood, placing money on the table. “Don’t come back.”

Desert Devil Cover Reveal & So Much More!

Cover Reveal: Desert Devil

Desert Devil, the fifth book in the Old School series, is out in August. I don’t have a pre-order link yet, but this is the cover and it is AWESOME! I am so thrilled. Thank you, Lou Harper.

paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,

Draft Blurb for Desert Devil

Donna Keats is a seer. But when she defies fate to save her estranged foster brother she becomes fate’s victim.

As one of only three couriers alive, Forrest “Rest” Castillo can travel anywhere on Earth in seconds. However, the price of his rare talent is to be forever alone. Anyone who gets close to him becomes a potential hostage for the powerful people that seek to own him.

Two years ago, Rest retreated to the isolated beauty of the Arizona desert to save those who have his loyalty and love, but it was the wrong strategy. It’s not his life that should be sacrificed for peace. Nor will it be Donna’s.

Rest’s enemies are about to learn that this former Army Ranger is not as alone as they believed, and that no conspiracy can be buried forever.

The time has come for Rest to walk the Path of justice, and Donna will match him step for step.

Romance Book Fair

The Romance Book Fair runs June 15-21. Something for everyone! And a chance to win a $75 giftcard. Have fun!

Show Me the Romance


There are so many great romance books showcased in Show Me the Romance which runs just a day or so longer. I hope you discover some new favourites.

Finding Great Reads in Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited I’ve been sharing books I’ve discovered in Kindle Unlimited in my posts here, but I recently started a searchable page for them on Facebook. If you’re interested (and I would absolutely love comments on the Facebook page) it is called Always Another Great Book.

New Releases

Equality by Alisdair Shaw is the third book in his Two Democracies sci fi series. I really enjoyed Liberty, book 1. There’s something about an artificial intelligence and how we relate to it that fascinates me.



kindle unlimited New release Marked by Sin by Jasmine Walt & Debbie Cassidy sounds fascinating. An alternate London ruled by Hindu gods!





Her Robot Wolf – So What Did You Think?

What did you think of my venture into scifi romance? So far the reviews and comments sent to me for Her Robot Wolf have been positive. Yay! I was nervous about this book that crashed my writing plans for 2017, but I think it was worth squeezing it in. Now, I’m wondering about a sequel, tentatively titled Stargirl & Her Wolf.

If you haven’t read Her Robot Wolf yet, it’s only 99c (or free in Kindle Unlimited).

P.S. I want to apologise if you’ve been trying to comment and the website hasn’t let you. Huge thanks to D for letting me know it’s been glitching. I thought I’d solved the problem, but apparently not. I’ve just tried a different solution (using Jetpack for those of you who use WordPress blogs and know more about the tech side of things than me). Hopefully now you can comment! I am so sorry.

New Release! Her Robot Wolf

Surprise! I’ve released a new book, and it’s science fiction! Don’t worry, there are still shifters. I adore shifter heroes. But this is something different. It’s also only 99c and free to read in Kindle Unlimited, so go on, try it!

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072M3Q555

Her Robot Wolf

paranormal romance, science fiction romance, sfr, Kindle unlimited,Jaya Romanov is an independent starship shaman. She studies the energy flows of the universe and—for a price—will harness them to her employer’s purpose. Wormholes are a whole lot safer to travel when a shaman guides the jump.

Vulf Trent is a bounty hunter. It was that or join the family business, piracy, and Vulf is too much the lone wolf to tolerate the demands of a large pirate crew. Where his family enjoys the bonds of pack, he prefers the freedom of ranging the universe, alone.

Seven generations ago, humanity evacuated Earth and the shifter clans’ ability to transform into their animal forms was one of the most terrible losses of that time. Now, the werewolves, werebears and other shifters are trapped in their human bodies and slowly losing the essence of their primal souls. Jaya is determined to heal their torn transformational abilities, but Vulf doesn’t believe her.

He didn’t kidnap her for her healing abilities.

Her Robot Wolf is a fabulous adventure in which rare, mystical science replaces magic, pirates are taught to respect lone women, the galaxy is imperiled —and perhaps, rescued—and a fated mate pair contemplate kicking Fate in the teeth. Have fun! Don’t forget to buy Galactic Insurance before leaving Earth!


I turned my attention to the immediate question of the straps that held me. They were fastened firmly, but not painfully tight. In fact, they weren’t restrictive. I wriggled my arms up and free, and undid the top strap. It was the kind that kept a sleeper safe during turbulence. It clicked open.
Relief whispered through me. I sat up and undid the second strap across my hips. As the blanket fell off, cool air caused my skin to goosepimple. The silky t-shirt and shorts appropriate to Tyger Tyger were inadequate here. The blanket had been a kindness. I wrapped it around me as I put my feet on the floor. Over to my right was a hatch set in the floor. Undoubtedly locked. On my left, there was a door; also closed, likely locked. I stared at it.
The door opened.
The bounty hunter entered. He stared at me.
His eyes were blue. He carried neither the disrupter nor a blaster. But then, why would he fear me? And the disrupter could operate from somewhere hidden to me.
“I can’t help you,” I repeated what I’d told him on Tyger Tyger. “And kidnapping is illegal. Where am I?” I couldn’t imagine that we were still on the tropical holiday planet.
“My ship.”
“And where is your ship?” Judging by the straps that had secured me, we were somewhere he expected turbulence. Had he taken us through a wormhole? They were rough journeys for most ships since few people could afford a starship shaman to smooth them.
Unsurprisingly, he didn’t answer my question.
“Jaya Romanov.”
While I’d been unconscious, he’d done his research. I couldn’t summon the energy to care. “And you are?”
“Vulf Trent.”
I hadn’t expected he’d answer my question. I certainly hadn’t anticipated his name. “Vulf?”
“A family name,” he growled impatiently, as if he’d explained it too many times.
But I wasn’t questioning the oddness of his first name. Excitement trickled into me, replacing some of the strange apathy that had weighted my body with uncharacteristic helplessness. I recognized the name Vulf, not for this man, but in terms of who named their children Vulf or Vulfina.
In light of that knowledge, I reassessed him. He still wore a dark gray utility suit. The smooth fit of its cut and fabric served to emphasize his well-defined muscles. Life onboard a starship meant exercise had to be scheduled into a person’s day. You couldn’t rely on it happening naturally. It wasn’t like you could go for a walk to the shops or a swim in the sea. For a moment I regretted that I hadn’t made time for a swim in Tyger Tyger’s tropical ocean. But Vulf’s muscles weren’t simply the result of time in a gym. They were a genetic inheritance.
He was part of my self-selected life’s work, and the irony of discovering his identity now, after Ivan had stolen my sha crystal, struck hard.
It made me careless. “Pirate turned bounty hunter. I guess I can see how that happened.”
The sudden chill in the air had nothing to do with a change in the cabin’s temperature, and everything to do with the expression in Vulf’s light blue eyes.
“Not your name,” I said hastily. “Not Vulf Trent. I had no idea who you are. Have no idea.” Predatory alertness sharpened his gaze and made me babble. “Ivan didn’t tell me anything. I recognized Vulf as a shifter name. The wolf clans. Shifters have a reputation as pirates.” I finally managed to close my mouth, perhaps because some of the icy suspicion in his eyes faded.
“Most people don’t know that the shifters became pirates within a couple of generations of Earth’s evacuation.” There was a question lurking in his comment.
Fortunately, I had a good answer. “The Star Guild Shaman Academy provided a comprehensive education, including the history of Earth and developments since the Evacuation.” And I’d had a personal reason for paying particular attention to anything and everything related to shifters—including the reason they’d abandoned regular society and gone rogue.

Her Robot Wolf is free in Kindle Unlimited, or own it for 99c. An Amazon exclusive.  Download: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072M3Q555