Spring House Cleaning

I’m discontinuing Flower Fortunes. It’s hayfever season AND I’m super-busy, so taking flower photos just isn’t happening.

I’ll keep the blog up to date with my writing and publishing news, and some random posts, I expect. I’m still reviewing books, although, again, this is suffering from my lack of time. Those reviews are on my BookLikes blog.

Spring cleaning is the less ominous title that I’m giving to my current audit of writing-related activities. “Promotion” has become a catch-all label under which I suspect a few unnecessary (but fun) activities have been hiding. I shall be ruthless and bin them because I really need to gain some time for the main game: writing.

Do you ever audit how you spend your time?

Gerbera Week


A Gerbera Week isn’t actually about daring colours and bold choices. Gerberas have a hidden message.

Look closely at the photo and you’ll see the gerbera flower’s thick stem rising up from the ground. It’s strong and enables the flower to flaunt itself in the garden. However, if you pick the flower to enjoy it inside, then it soon droops, turning its face to the ground. The florists’ trick is to spiral wire around the stem to hold it up.

The takeaway message for Gerbera Week is two. One will apply to you, the other may not.

First, the toughest people can sag if carelessly handled or forced into situations beyond their control. We should be kind to ourselves and others, because we never know what lurks behind a showing of confident beauty or how fragile it may be.

Second, accepting support is vital, especially when we’re taken out of our comfort zones.

This is a good week in which to pay attention to situations in which you flourish, or where you droop.

Wattle Week


A Wattle Week brings you into contact with a couple of allergens. These might be people or situations. Whatever they are, they trigger a negative response.

Be prepared.

There are things you can do to control an allergy. Assess the situation and your response. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At a minimum, you can walk away.

Remember, if something is getting you down this week, identify the cause and take action.

PS and like wattle, the cause may look gorgeous 😉

Bougainvillea Week


Bright colour and sharp stabs. It must be a Bougainvillea Week!

Being yourself, you bring truth and energy to life, but there are some unpleasant stabs along the way from people who’d rather that everyone just grumped along like them. Well, pooh to them!

There’s energy waiting to be used this week. Don’t let go of your plans or drift off-track. Be brave, be bold and wear a touch of red for luck.

Coastal Living Week


Not a flower in sight this Coastal Living Week. Instead, it’s time to appreciate the cyclical edginess of life.

There’s something about the sea. Perhaps it’s the relentlessness and power, the sense of endurance. It encourages philosophy and acceptance.

As for beaches, they have to be the ultimate in edginess. Sky meets ocean meets land.

This week, life is filled with awe. Try as we will, we can’t change some things, and this week that truth confronts us. So, like the sea, we will shift, retreat, return, and endure.

There is peace in accepting our powerlessness, just as embracing our strength recreates our world.