Visit Australia

australiaWith my contemporary Australian romance, Hero Duty, releasing Sunday 1 June, I wanted to share some Australian pics just to make you really keen to visit Down Under. But then I thought, my lame-ass photos or really rock out by visiting Australian Geographic?

So here’s the link. If you have a few hours (you think I’m kidding? LOL) Australian Geographic is brilliant. They’re worth following on Facebook, too.

Nearly winter – oh the irony!

kookaburrasIt’s nearly winter here in my corner of Australia — which is to say, the sun is shining, the grass is green and roses are rioting in colourful display. Winter’s not so bad. Just ask the two gossipy kookaburras I spotted yesterday in a neighbour’s gum tree.

HeroDutyHowever, there’s an irony I’m fully aware of in that on the day winter officially begins (1 June) my new contemporary romance releases. You can’t get much more summery than the cover of Hero Duty — gorgeous and retro. Love it!

Do you think that between the internet and air-conditioning, the sense of changing seasons is being lost?

Where I live, the climate isn’t helping. The fickle weather gods keep pushing winter back further and further, so that if you sowed winter vegies like spinach now, they’d bolt to seed because it’s so warm.

Still, it makes for lovely walking weather. I was strolling along a beach trail the other day and spotted this old fallen branch — and then I remembered the “watercolour” function on my camera. I really like the result.



Images and Inspiration

Life has been busy and I haven’t managed to get myself and a camera to the beach for the photos I wanted to take to share here. I’m feeling pretty picture deprived! So I went looking online.

Antonino Leto - Estate caprese
If you have a few minutes (hours) type “famous seascapes” into Google. The result is an array of glorious images.

Speaking of which, the Metropolitan Museum has quite a collection. You’ll be absolutely unable to pick a favourite.

Plus, you can search out “floating gardens” for real world fantastic images. The floating gardens of London captured my interest.

I know this is a lake and not the sea, but … beautiful.

Small Island in Lower Saranac Lake
Lower Saranac Lake, Adirondacks

Politics in a Romance Novel?

Romance novels aren’t generally the place for political discussions. After all, the guaranteed happy ever after is seldom what we get from our politicians 🙂 More seriously, discussing politics usually ends by annoying someone, if not everyone, and frankly that doesn’t seem worth the hassle. I save my political opinions to share with the car radio while driving — um, yeah, I’m the crazy lady talking to herself in the car. Fortunately, these days, people just think I’m on a hands-free phone.

So why am I so proud to say that my about to be released romance, It’s Love, Dude, has politics in it? Because I’m fudging what I mean by politics.It's Love Dude cover

“Politics” has a stinky smell because we often use the term to describe the bad behaviour of bickering politicians. But the political system in Australia is actually robust and makes our lives better. I wanted to celebrate the role of local Members of Parliament (MPs) who without fanfare just get on with the job of representing their communities, helping and fighting for them. So when I “met” my heroine Molly I knew she worked for her local MP. She loved living in her town and being the point of contact for people who needed help navigating government bureaucracy or getting an unfair law changed or simply having someone listen to them. It was about giving back to the community that supported her.

One of the joys of reading and writing romance novels is this glimpse into other people’s lives, and the chance to celebrate the good things we sometimes take for granted.

Cute Critters

Woylies are my cute marsupial hook for It’s Love, Dude, but they’re very far from the only cute critter in Australia.

My own bilby
My own bilby

You know about our kangaroos and wallabies, emus (not necessarily cute — stabbing beaks and wicked feet), Tasmanian devils and wombats. Then we have the weird but adorable platypus and the prickly echidna. But my absolute favourite are numbats, although bilbies run them a close second.

Myrmecobius fasciatus Gould

Project Numbat tells you all about these ant-eating cuties and what is being done to save them. Also, I absolutely love the painting Nosy Numbats by local artist Gilly Huber, well worth clicking through. N is for Numbat shows they can even be elegant.

The bane of my blog-life is tiptoeing around infringing people’s copyright. There are some absolutely fantastic numbat images online. Just google.

Numbat is the Nyungar people’s (south west Australia) name for the animal. Looking that up I came across the etymology of “bung“. It’s a Yagara word. You didn’t need to know that, but I was interested. Bung means broken. As in, “the TV is bung” and you all stare in horror at the dead screen.