New Release: Cosmic Catalyst, Thrilling Sci Fi Romance

Thank you all so much for your patience and support. Cosmic Catalyst, the sequel to Her Robot Wolf, was delayed, but it is finally here!

Ta da!

cosmic catalyst, space opera

And for a short time, it’s only 99c on Amazon (and always free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers).

Cosmic Catalyst buy link:

Everyone has secrets. But some people will risk the galaxy to protect theirs.

When starship shaman Jaya Romanov and her new mate partner, galactic bounty hunter and robot wolf shifter, Vulf Trent, saved the galaxy from the deadly actions of a determined geriatric terrorist, they forgot that old Earth truism: no good deed goes unpunished.

Now, the galaxy is exploding with unexpected aliens, greedy politicians—well, that’s normal enough, it’s what the politicians will attempt that is worrying—and a radically new aspect to sha energy that has the potential to change everything.

And then there’s the mystery of Jaya’s father…who is he? Some big secrets are lurking in Jaya’s past, and to save those she loves, she’ll be forced to risk the galaxy in a shoot ’em up, take-no-prisoners rescue because sometimes there’s no fighting your destiny.

Fortunately, Vulf is always ready for a fight!

cosmic catalyst

Thank you to everyone who helped with the blurb. I might have only added one comma in the end, but I FUSSED hugely, and your comments helped me focus that fussing.

I also have great news! You can pre-order the next two stories in the Shifters & Shamans series right now. Shattered Earth is Kohia’s story – you’ll meet Jaya’s cousin in Cosmic Catalyst. She’s a weretiger. Then I have some Christmas fun for you as we finally get a story with Ahab as the hero. I love that artificial intelligence. He’s fun and quirky, very smart, and utterly heroic. Jingle Stars also has an adorable cast of children.

shattered earth, scifi romance, kindle unlimited, science fiction, space opera,

Shattered Earth
Out November 20, 2017

kindle unlimited, science fiction,

Jingle Stars
Out December 4, 2017

Shattered Earth and Jingle Stars are novellas, but in 2018 you’ll get Jaya and Vulf’s next full-length adventure in The Ceph Sector.

ceph sector, space opera, scifiromance, kindle unlimited,

Now, go grab Cosmic Catalyst and settle in for fabulous galactic adventures and some heart-string-tugging emotional scenes as Jaya and Vulf save the galaxy – maybe!

 Cosmic Catalyst buy link:

Maybe, Baby, It’s May!

This is a random kind of newsletter, filled with things that I’ve found while wandering the net, and just things.

Spicy Barley with Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese

I snapped this as I was making a quick lunch the other day. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m lazy? So I like having some cooked grains in the freezer. Then it’s just a matter of getting out an individual serving an hour earlier so it can defrost, and frying it quickly in a little olive oil. I used cumin and smoked paprika to spice the barley and tossed in some broccoli. Once it was off the heat I added tiny chunks of cheddar cheese. Yum!

Choosing An Alien

When I was plotting Her Robot Wolf, I had to invent a number of aliens. It was fun, but I saved the best inspiration for some very special aliens that you’ll meet soon. I based them on super-intelligent octopuses – and yes, octopuses really are smart!

Australia Has Some Ancient Trees

Just a simple link to the article on ancient Australian trees, but the Australian Geographic site is generally worth checking out. Gorgeous pics.

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

A fun new series by Alisha Klapheke. How can you resist a fantasy that involves magic and pirates? Waters of Salt & Sin was a great read.

From the blurb: “The epic setting of Game of Thrones meets the humor and romance of Pirates of the Caribbean in this new series! Perfect for fans of Sabaa Tahir and Sarah J. Maas.”

If you prefer crime novels, The Pick, The Spade and the Crow by Bill Rogers was a solid British mystery.

Fire Fall – Summer in the Rocky Mountains

It’s less than a month till the release of Fire Fall on May 26. You can pre-order it now for 99c. This Rocky Mountains romance has tons of romance, some distinctly different characters (they’re not all human!) and a sizzling hot attraction between Seth and Vanessa. Three years ago, she was involved with someone else, and he walked away. But he never forgot her. When fate brings them together again, he’ll do anything to keep her safe. High intensity magic, and even hotter passion.

Fire Fall pre-order link:

No Fooling! Great Books & Funny Stories

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Did your coffee taste salty this morning? No one’s played that trick on me yet, but I’m still on my toes. Swapping salt and sugar is a silly but safe trick. I like the fun of April Fools’ Day, but not when people cross the line into emotional tricks. Back in my uni days, a friend once told us all she was leaving, had to leave uni. There was angst and oh no’s, and then, “April Fools!” That seemed unkind to me, and the memory lingers. I like fun tricks for April Fools’ Day, not ones that leave a sting.

Have you ever been caught by a great trick? or even better, pulled one off?

A Fool For Love

You can be a fool for love this April Fools’ Day with so many great 99c romances to choose from on Amazon. A Fool For Love promo.

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

kindle unlimited, fantasy,I have a new (to me) dark fantasy series to try out. Andy Peloquin has just released the third book in The Last Bucellari series and I think the first book, Blade of the Destroyer, is currently free to celebrate – you’d best check before you one-click. A faceless, nameless assassin. A forgotten past. The Hunter of Voramis–a killer devoid of morals, or something else altogether?

kindle unlimited, paranormal romance,I’ve been binging on T S Joyce’s romances. So many shifters! These books are about as sexy as I’m comfortable reading, but if you don’t mind blushing a bit, the stories are lovely and emotional. For all their magic, the heart of the stories couldn’t be truer to life.


Cover Reveal! Fire Fall is out in May

paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, new release,
The cover is by the amazing Lou Harper. She captures the feel of the book brilliantly. The Rocky Mountains in summer, the hint of wildfire, the danger and the intense emotion.

Funny Stories

And here’s where I draw a blank. I would LOVE to be able to write jokes, but my mind doesn’t seem to work that way. I can’t even write a funny limerick!

So… Why did the chicken cross the road?

To buy a book, of course! Book, book-book-book boo-oooook!!

(LOL b-book is my attempt at chicken speak 😉 )

P.S. Don’t forget that STORM ROAD releases next week!

I’ll send a newsletter, tweet and post on Facebook with the news of Storm Road’s release. I didn’t set up a pre-order for it this time, and the only downside to that is that I don’t want you to miss grabbing it at the special 99c release price in the first week or so.

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Are You Ready for a Magical Weekend?

You should be feeling lucky! It’s St Patrick’s Day. I have some book ideas below for magical reading on the weekend. But with it being a green day (have you ever celebrated St Pat’s Day with green beer? I haven’t!) I wondered if you’d be gardening this weekend. Green, gardening, my skippety hoppety brain often has a reason for its skippiness.

It’s autumn here, so it’s almost time to start thinking of a new season – summer is hanging around, so it’s not quite cool enough to jump into winter plantings. The herbs are looking incredibly green. Lots of yummy basil.

I would love to have room to plant a grove of pistachio trees and maybe a couple of carob trees. It’s not that I like the taste of carob (although it’s okay if chocolate is totally unavailable). But space for trees in suburbia is cramped. I might buy a new herb! Any suggestions? What’s your favourite herb?

Romantic or Paranormal Mysteries 99c or Less, March 17 & 18

kindle unlimited, paranormal, mysteries,

Are you feeling witchy, curious or simply ready for some romance? There’s a book for that! The Mystery Promo runs Friday and Saturday.

Footy Season starts next weekend!

For me, footy means Australian Rules Football. I don’t want to break any copyright rules, so I’ll link you to the ads for it if you’re interested rather than try and embed them.

This was THE classic ad from twenty years ago. This year, the game started a women’s league, and they riffed off the classic ad with this I’d Like to See That ad.

It mightn’t sound magical to you, but I love collapsing on the sofa for a couple of hours on the weekend and watching a game of footy. Of course, if it’s my team involved (go, the West Coast Eagles!) I can’t relax. I have to be mentally willing each kick-on-goal through the big sticks 🙂

Kindle Unlimited Discoveries

kf breene, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,I enjoyed Hell’s Rejects by MR Forbes. It was a fast-paced space adventure and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

Born in Fire by KF Breene has a kick-ass heroine with a strong narrative voice. Lots happening in what promises to be a memorable series. Love the New Orleans setting!

Have You Read All Seven of My Collegium Series?

kindle unlimited, paranormal romance, series,

I thought I’d list the seven books in my complete paranormal romance series in case you’ve missed one. They’re all free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Demon Hunter

Magic is real, if hidden, and betrayal is sharper than a demon’s claws.  A novella.

Djinn Justice

Fay and Steve’s new relationship is tested by a meddling djinn, a power-crazed villain enslaving weres, and Steve’s family. A novel.

Dragon Knight  

Gina Sidhe is on a quest for her dragon. Lewis Bennett is trying to survive without magic. A novel.

Doctor Wolf

Dr Liz Jekyll has a secret to hide. What she needs is a big, bad wolf to hide behind!

Plague Cult

In a small Texas town a desire for love becomes a curse that could unleash a deadly plague.

Hollywood Demon

A demon is stalking Hollywood. So much for Clancy renouncing her magic and becoming ordinary. This means a fight!

Alchemy Shift

A woman, her sword, and the bear-shifter who’ll steal her heart.

Magic is Real! Kinda

Have you watched the television show Penn & Teller Fool Us? I love watching the different magicians trying to fool the masters – and then, I try to guess how the trick was done. I’m often baffled! In this interview with Teller in Vanity Fair I’m struck by his belief that a magician’s purpose is to amaze. The world needs more opportunities for innocent awe.



The Seven Tropes of Paranormal Romance

I read a LOT of paranormal romance. I also write it. So I’m sitting here at the keyboard trying to boil it down into seven tropes: the seven things that aren’t so much over-used as instantly recognisable and definitive of the subgenre. Or to put it another way: what do I like to see in a paranormal romance novel?

Kick Ass Heroine

Right from the start, even if she’s in a Cinderella role, I want to see strength in the heroine. What does she believe in? What will she fight for?

Magic Won’t Solve the Problem

The fun of paranormal romance is, in a large part, the imaginative worlds authors create. How does some form of magic or “otherness” make the world of the book different to our everyday lives? However, as mind-boggling as the magical world is, magic can’t solve all problems. Human resourcefulness and the heroine’s emotional journey must contribute to saving the day.

A Man of Mystery

Part of the heroine’s (and reader’s) journey of discovery must include the hero. Who is he really? What secret is he hiding? Why can’t we guess what he’ll do next?

Who Has the Map?

We’re all going on a quest. It might be to solve a murder or to save the day, but there’s a quest underway. There’ll be setbacks and, hopefully, unforeseen twists. The stakes get progressively higher.

Don’t Die Laughing

Humour lurks in paranormal romance. Sometimes it’s subtle and rueful. Other times it is loud and snarky. As the tension ratchets up, someone crack a joke!

Find the Touchstone

The worlds of paranormal romance are many and varied, but as we quest here and there, we have to stumble over a touchstone or two. Somewhere in the thickets of magic is the truth. As readers, we recognise some soul truth. So does our heroine, and it changes her. It goes back to the first kick ass question: what (or who) is worth fighting for?

And We All Live Happily Ever After

Whatever happens in a paranormal romance novel, it is a ROMANCE. There has to be a happy ending, or a happy for now ending. Better make it believable, too. The world may be magical, but human hearts remain the same, and we want our hero and heroine to have a solid chance at happiness.

You see, at their core, paranormal romance novels are about fighting impossible odds in incredible settings with unusual sidekicks out of the hope that somehow we (like the heroine) can make a difference in life.

What do you expect to see in a paranormal romance novel?


phoenix blood, jenny schwartz, pnr, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,

Phoenix Blood is 99c or free in Kindle Unlimited. Magic condemned him, but before he dies, he’ll save the woman whose heart he broke. Magic, mystery, a fledgling phoenix and a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

Buy link: