New Release: Love, Coast To Coast

coastal romance, romance novellas,Love, Coast To Coast is out today. It’s currently LESS than 99c which seems insane value to me — that’s 5 coastal romance novellas for less than a dollar. When I saw the discount this morning, I needed another coffee. What a shock! If you haven’t snapped up my coastal romances before (this is a bundle of previously published stories that Escape Publishing put together), then I suggest you grab this now. As in right now before the price goes back up! coastal romance,

Travel coast to coast with five romantic tales from Jenny Schwartz, the master of Coastal Romance, now available as one digital volume.

In Mistaken Engagement, after a disastrous fake engagement, the Australia Day long weekend down at Grace’s family beach house is the perfect time to show everyone that Grace and Saul are friends, with not a broken heart between them. But can a fake engagement become life-changingly real?

In Memories of Love, when her family home burns down, it’s the final heartbreak for Rita Jorden. Her boss, Ivan Novak, steps in, offering her his home and his help. But Ivan has his own demons, and although he’s interested in Rita, there’s darkness in his past that could cause her harm.

In Second Chance Island, Laura Robertson is working at a tropical resort on the Great Barrier Reef, biding her time and nursing her wounds when her ex-lover Phil Cooper arrives on Topaz Island. She’s spent her whole life fighting to save the reef, and her time on Topaz Island fighting for her self-respect. Does she have enough left to fight for a second chance?

In Ice-Breaker, Kiara and Selwyn’s first encounter is dramatic, and their attraction instantaneous. But Kiara has commitments, dreams, and plans – and Selwyn doesn’t fit into any of it. But he’s not willing to give up on the chance at love, so he plans a second encounter just as dramatic. Maybe all they need for a chance at real love is a break from real life.

In No Resuce, after a tragic incident, Miri Blair has escaped to Sydney, and the anonymity of a friend’s apartment. Then, one day, she finds herself acting out a Romeo-and-Juliet balcony style scene with Sergeant Tad Robertson of the Water Police, who dares her to risk living again. Will she have the strength to move away from her past and towards a future with Tad?

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Kiss Me, Quick is out and – FREE

Kiss Me, Quick” is FREE till January 24. This is my new short story. The one with a gallant cowboy and the shy woman who doesn’t dare love him. I adored writing Ross and Lily’s story, and I hope you enjoy it. Get it free on Amazon.

Valentine's Day romance, kindle unlimited, Western Romance, Texas romance, cowboy hero romance,

If there’s one thing Lily Gibb doesn’t need for Valentine’s Day, it’s a cowboy. But when she hears that handsome rancher Ross Fortescue is sick with the flu, she knows her duty. He once saved her from a nasty situation and she owes him.

She just never expected Ross to demand payment in something other than chicken soup!

For fans of first kisses, sparkling romance and cowboys.

Jacaranda Week


As jacaranda trees burst into flower and carpet streets and yards in a squidgy bluey purple mess, this is a time of celebration and transformation.

A Jacaranda Week means new clothes! Oh dear. It may also mean new shoes — and I’m not a fan of shoe shopping. It means you, too, are going to feel the need to display your best self.

Brace yourself, you may even feel the need to clean the house!

It’s totally worth the hassle because this is a time to feel good about yourself. Dye your hair, get a new style, have a pedicure. Whatever it is that makes you, like jacaranda trees, stop traffic :)

DARE is free!


DARE. Sensual Tales of Fantasy & Suspense is my new paranormal romance collection and it’s FREE till Nov 16 — but only on Amazon! (sorry, exclusivity is the price of getting the book into Amazon’s lending library)

Dragons and ghouls, angels and djinn, impossible heroes and the women who cause them all kinds of trouble. This is a collection to delight, tantalise and entertain; a wonderful mix of novellas and short stories with guaranteed happy ever afters.

Dare includes:

Denying the Dragon
Journey to the Shassa
Embracing the Ghoul
The Lion-hearted
Can You Arrest an Alien?
Up In Flames
Release the Djinni

Pink Flowering Gum Week

pink flowering gum

The pink flowering gum is a stunning burst of colour, but that’s not all that bursts this week.

Do you remember blowing bubbles as a kid? Not the magical soap bubbles that floated iridescent on the wind, but the kind that you chewed and chewed gum, blew and then, pop! Sweet, noisy and faintly disgusting. Gosh, it was great to be a kid :)

Pink Flowering Gum Week is a time to chew over a problem, take action, and if it all goes pop! guess what? Chew the problem over some more and try again.

There’s a laidback vibe to this week which makes it the perfect time to tackle a problem — not a big one, remember this is a low stress week — that’s been nagging at you. It’s also a week where your resilience is higher, so if you’re going to take a risk, you’ll have the strength to deal with the consequences — good and bad.

And you’re probably wondering, does chewing gum make you smarter? Sadly, no.

Finally — and because my dog Toby gets the paper each morning — a bubblegum adventure to enjoy courtesy of Pluto and Mickey.