Hollywood Demon – the big cover reveal!

Thank you to everyone involved in today’s Cover Reveal Extravaganza for Hollywood Demon. Lou Harper has created a beautiful design. Just look at Los Angeles shining in the night.

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Feel the Earth move!

A camera can’t steal your soul—but a demon can! Mark Yarren suspects a demon has found a way around the spell his great-grandfather cast to prevent demons sucking souls through the camera’s lens. Digital photography dangerously omits the silver wash that was photography’s century-old defence against Hell.

Mark is Hollywood royalty, descended from the early Hollywood stars: the studio bosses and directors, the producers and actresses. Now he lives alone in his palatial Beverly Hills estate.

Well, not quite alone.

Clancy Ramirez is back! She’s tried life in New York, in Iceland, and in Hawaii, but she missed California. She missed the grumbling roar of the San Andreas Fault with its leagues-deep molten geology. Clancy is a geomage and she can make the earth shake—or grow still. But California isn’t her territory. She has no place intruding or tapping its energy.

But a demon shackled for a century is breaking free, and Collegium rules, old heartaches and strained family loyalties will break, too.

The Big One is coming.

Hollywood Demon is out August 27, 2016, and available for pre-order at 99c. Woohoo!

In case you’re interested in sharing the cover or any of the other graphics below, I’m loading them fairly large to this page — just to explain why it may look a bit crowded!

paranormal romance, Jenny Schwartz, kindle unlimited,

Hollywood Demon, Jenny Schwartz, kindle unlimited, paranormal romance,

Hollywood Demon, Jenny Schwartz,

Jenny Schwartz

New covers

If you read my blog via RSS feed, you probably haven’t visited the front page of the website and espied the gorgeous new covers for The Collegium series. Lou Harper is doing a sensational job with them, capturing the magic of these paranormal romances. Doctor Wolf is awaiting her magic, and then … the big cover reveal for Hollywood Demon is this Wednesday! I am so excited. It is a beautiful cover!




Plague Cult

Catch Up Saturday

avatar16I’m calling today a catch-up day since I was felled by a headache yesterday, and it’s left me feeling slow, today. So, I’m doing little chores like updating my avatar. This cute 1920s-style pic is how you’ll recognise me around the net.

I’ve also created a pic that I’ll use when I discuss Alchemy Shift (the hero is a bear shifter). Jet Walsh is a fantastic hero. I adore him and the two young cousins he steps up to help.

Alchemy Shift

I also have plans – oh such plans – that I’m scribbling in my notebook for a new series. But that’s AFTER Alchemy Shift, and Alchemy Shift isn’t out till October – and yeah, I’m going to give it a Halloween theme. I can’t resist.

Hollywood Demon is on track for its August 27 release. The big cover reveal is July 27, and it’s sooooo hard not to share the gorgeous cover before then.

I’m currently re-reading Jayne Castle’s The Hot Zone, which is relaxing. I’m a big fan of re-reading when I’m tired. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d be staying up later to watch the Tour de France. I do love the scenery! Salers, France looks amazing!

Thank you to everyone who has tweeted, reviewed, re-shared posts, and generally helped to get the word out about Plague Cult. It goes full price July 10, so if you know anyone who’d enjoy it, give them a nudge before then 🙂


Summer of Magic Blog Hop

Contest Closed: Congrats to our grand prize winner, Missy Geni.

Happy 4th of July! To those in the northern hemisphere, have a gorgeous summer! To those of us freezing in the south, here’s a way to warm up!

A $75 gift card and other fabulous prizes are part of the fun of the Summer of Magic Blog Hop. Enter today for your chance to win! Contest closes July 10.

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Also, now’s your chance to pick up my latest Collegium release, Plague Cult, for only 99c (till July 10). A lonely hearts club plague threatens a small Texas town. This story has it all – family drama, new lovers, and a ghost!

And finally, don’t feel to sorry for me living in winter. This is winter in Perth!

Down by the river.


And at the beach. It’s a tough life!


Urban Fantasy Awesome Sale, June 27-29


Urban Fantasy Summer Sale, June 27-29

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So, that’s the official information. Off the record, and just between you and me, I go to the sale page just to admire the quality of the covers. Does that make me shallow? I don’t know. But the art involved is excellent and I’m beyond pleased that my new release, Plague Cult, holds its own in such beautiful company. Thank you, again, Lou Harper, cover designer extraordinaire!

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Release day for PLAGUE CULT

Plague Cult is out today! Grab your copy for 99c – it’s a special launch price. Also, please, scroll to the end of this post for all the details of an awesome SUMMER URBAN FANTASY SALE.Plague Cult, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, plague dystopia, cult romance, cult thriller, cult mystery,

In a small Texas town a desire for love becomes a curse that could unleash a deadly plague.

Ruth Warner is estranged from her family. She loves them, but her magic makes her an outsider in Bideer, Texas. Ruth has built a new life in New York. She’s a healer at the Collegium, respected and…lonely. Sometimes, you have to go home.

Ruth’s boss orders her to Bideer after a local coroner reports a suspicious death. Could the new cult in town, a lonely hearts club, be playing reckless games with a death curse?

But if Ruth is going home, she’s not going alone.

Shawn Jackson is a Collegium guardian, a mage trained to fight evil. He’s also a man accustomed to keeping secrets. He’s a hollerider, a huntsman; one of those who birthed the legend of the Wild Hunt. When he unleashes his magic, terror rides with him.

As evil stalks an innocent town, the dedicated healer and battle-hardened marine must heal their own broken hearts to prevent a devastating plague.

Warning: Plague Cult includes a haunted house, an unconventional ghost, and a home renovation love story.

If you love your paranormal romance fast-paced, intense and chilling, Plague Cult is irresistible.

Plague Cult

Summer Urban Fantasy Sale — 30+ fantastic FREE & 99c books. The covers are so beautiful, they have to be seen to be believed! June 27-29

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