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Demon Hunter is Free!

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Today is the official release day for my new paranormal romance, Demon Hunter. To celebrate, I’ve made it free (yes, free) for five days – exclusively on Amazon (which is the annoying bit – to get Demon Hunter into Amazon’s lending library, Kindle Unlimited, where it can go on being free for subscribers to read forever, Demon Hunter can only be listed with Amazon – sorry!).

You can bleed and die banishing a demon, but Fay Olwen discovers there are worse hurts. Betrayed by the Collegium and by her father, she must build a new life away from New York. Leopard-shifter Steve Jekyll would have her build it with him. But loyalties are never simple and new love never easy. When demons are unleashed, Fay tracks the evil back to the Collegium, and now all hell will break loose because Fay fights for the innocent, and Steve will protect what is his.

For fans of kick-ass heroines and shifter heroes who are alpha-male and sinfully sexy.

Demon Hunter is a paranormal romance novella.

Get it free, now!

You can read an excerpt or check out the app I created to accompany the book.demon


*insert the cute cat photo of your choice where an exhausted kitten is sleeping*

It’s been a long week, made longer since the paving has started and that is noisy! Also Toby has to be kept inside, and watched when he’s in the yard because gates are open. It’ll be worth it to have a safe, even path and a raised garden bed (to hold up the new fence, if that makes sense? it’s doubling as a retaining wall) where the sand doesn’t avalanche down. But oh why does anything that has to be done around here involve so much mess and noise!

paranormal romance app,Meantime I’m creating a new app for DEMON HUNTER’s release on 17 December – sneak peek to your right! This is quite complicated, but I’ve written out a plan of attack and will get all my ducks in a row (ducks of the photo and audio recording variety).

THE ICARUS PLOT is finished! Well, the first draft is. Oops! I think I forgot to share it here. I’ve been trying to keep my Facebook page active, so stuff has been going to it. The draft blurb:

Ivana March runs a very special toyshop in the heart of Victorian London. The last thing she expects to see enter it is an earl. Not that she has time to entertain him. Someone is stealing children, and the streetkids whisper tales of a “Metal Man”. Ivana must find the monster, rescue the children, and if the earl really wants to help, he can come with her. Only, no one warned her she’d have to venture to places better left unexplored. A good thing, then, that the new Earl of Somer is a noted explorer. When the two of them join forces, what could possibly go wrong?

THE ICARUS PLOT is due out in January. As is a secret project (whisper, coastal romance) that I’ve signed up to even if I’m already insanely busy. I’ll be scribbling LIGHT KISSES (there’s a lighthouse) through Christmas I suspect. The joys of being an author *wry smile*

Do you have any Christmas plans? I was planning a quiet one anyway (this year has been insane!) and now I’m grateful because I might be able to catch up on my writing.

Before I forget, did you see the new cover for CURSES AND CONFETTI? Isn’t it pretty?

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Plans, Plans, and More Plans!

Can you believe it’s nearly 2015? Me, neither! Before we lose 2014 — not that I’ll be entirely sad to see it go. There’s definitely been better years — I have two more novellas to publish.

I’m saving up the details and the covers, which are gorgeous. So this is just a tease.

Clockwork Gold, as you may guess from the name, is a Steampunk novella set in Western Australia in 1896 and dives into adventurous times in the Goldfields. The heroine has her own dirigible, the Blue Wren, and the hero is an Agent of the Crown. Hi-jinks at altitude ;)

Demon Hunter is … well, it’s a paranormal romance, but it’s so much more. I have a feeling that whilst this story is complete in itself, I’ll be returning to the world it creates. A world of guardians and magic, of weres (shapeshifters) and portal-travel, and of love. There is so much passion in this world, with high stakes and people who live on the edge so that others can live safely.

I can’t wait to share these two stories!

Kiss It Better – Release Day!


If you hurry — and given Australia is ahead of the rest of the world — you may still be able to pick up “Kiss It Better” on a pre-order less than $1 steal-deal.

As always, Escape Publishing has come through with a sexy cover, great editing (thanks Kate Cuthbert and Lauren McKellar) and fabulous support. My critique partner Eliza Redgold earned her halo helping make “Kiss It Better” real. A quarter life crisis is like any sudden and forced change in our lives: painful to work through. I hope you enjoy Cassie’s story and the love she fights for.

Revisit gorgeous Jardin Bay with Jenny Schwartz’s fabulous new novel. The town may look like paradise, but for one nurse it represents only broken dreams.

All Cassie Freedom wants to do is save the world, and she could, if only she were able to. But her dream of nursing in Africa is shattered, and she returns home to Jardin Bay, where familiarity, security, and a sense of her own failure threaten to drown her.

Dr. Theo Morrigan knows a thing or two about responsibility, leaving his own medical practice to take over a family business. He knows his mind, his future, and how he wants to live his life – until an old secret resurfaces and rocks his whole world.

Suddenly, the man who needed no one needs a broken-hearted nurse, and a nurse who thinks she’s too weak will find her own strength.

Buylinks:  AmazonUS    Amazon Australia     iTunes Australia


When Cassie Meets Theo

Rage at her own uselessness propelled her off the bench. She needed to move, to do something that gave her an illusion of living.

She hitched at the waistband of her old trackies. She’d lost weight and now they dragged at her hips.

‘Nice day.’

‘What?’ It was less a question than a snarled warning to back off. The last thing she needed was to be polite to a stranger, a tourist. She let her messy brown hair fall over her eyes and glowered at her toes. Okay, so maybe part of the reason she felt cold was that although she’d grabbed her dad’s coat before leaving the house, she hadn’t thought of shoes.

‘Or maybe it’s not a nice day?’

Damn him. The stranger sounded amused.

She lifted her head to give him the benefit of her best scowl.

Holy hell.

Cue the rock music and the low, deep-throated roar of a motorbike. Black leather jeans hugged muscled thighs, leading down to killer boots and up to a white T-shirt beneath an open black leather jacket over wide, wide shoulders. Up higher was a strong, tanned throat, a rugged chin, a mouth made to sin , and dark brown eyes faintly crinkled at the corners with amusement. He looked to be early thirties, and making every year count.

The man was a sex god. He didn’t even have helmet hair, despite the motorbike helmet held in one large hand. His hair was jet black and just long enough to hint at curls. Hair that begged a woman to lose control and — wow!

He put the helmet down on the bench and stretched.

Cassie moaned, then slapped a hand over her mouth, horrified that such a sound had escaped her.

Not that he’d noticed. He was luxuriating in working his muscles. It was like watching a big cat wake up: all power and effortless control. Soon he’d be looking for lunch.

Knees that had staunchly held her up through gun-pointing, life-threatening incidents, wobbled.

But she wasn’t impressed. She definitely wasn’t ogling. It was just that he stood between her and the view. You know, if she angled her body sideways. She reminded herself that she was a woman notoriously indifferent to sex appeal. Give her a good book and a…Heaven have mercy. He was taking off his jacket.

Tight, white T-shirts ought to be illegal. Or maybe it was bodies like his that ought to be outlawed. She sat down on the bench to think about it.

He sat down beside her, far enough away not to be creepy, but still way too close for her body to resume normal functions. Beneath the sheepskin coat and flannel shirt, her skin flushed. She eased the collar away from her throat, hoping the flush wouldn’t crawl up her throat and betray her the way her knees had. Treacherous bastards.

He stretched out his legs. ‘It’s a long ride from the city.’

She looked away from where the black leather lovingly contoured his muscles and deep breathed. She had friends who were vegans. They wouldn’t approve of all that leather at all. Unfortunately, in trying to summon some disapproval, she imagined him without the leather.

I’m Self-Published! Curses & Confetti is Live!

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Ta da! “Curses and Confetti” is live! It’s up for sale on Amazon — but please do NOT buy it yet. I’ve scheduled a FREE promotion to run from September 28 till October 2 (remembering that this is American time, so half a day or so behind Australia).

I’ll remind you, but mark your diaries for two days time, and then nab your copy of “Curses and Confetti”, the third Bustlepunk Chronicle and a lovely Australian wild west urban adventure.

I love this book and I hope you will too!

It begins with all the fun of the fair (and for those who know Western Australia, I didn’t make up the fair ground in Fremantle, even if it’s vanished now)

Esme Smith and Jed Reeve are getting married. The unlikely pairing of an Australian suffragette and an American inventor is set to be the wedding of the year—until the Gypsy Oracle arrives in town, a man is killed, Jed is hopelessly compromised and Esme has to save her man and survive…Grandma!

Announcing a Short Story Trio in 2015


This is one of the secret projects I’ve been dying to share. I have three short stories coming out with Escape Publishing in early 2015.

From the tropical heat of the Great Barrier Reef, through the glamour and danger of Sydney, to the all-action, high drama of Tasmania’s Antarctic specialists, these are romances to make you laugh, sigh and fall in love — these heroes are something special.

I’ve mocked up some “coming soon” covers to go with the draft blurbs. These stories are amazing — no that’s not just fond author delusion. In under 15,000 words they are mini-novels: full stories, lots of “chemistry” ;) and I absolutely loved writing them.

2ndchanceSecond Chance Island
early 2015

When you’ve betrayed a man, broken his trust and shamed yourself, is a second chance at loving him heaven or hell? Laura Robertson is working at a tropical resort on the Great Barrier Reef when her ex-lover Phil Cooper arrives on Topaz Island. She’s fighting for her self-respect, having just lost her job as a marine biologist. Now she has to fight for their happiness.




No RescueNo Rescue
early 2015

Recovering from a tragic hostage situation, Miri Blair is staying at a friend’s flat in Sydney. From her balcony she encounters Sergeant Tad Robertson of the Water Police who dares her to risk living again. Sydney is a wonderful city for a romance, but when Miri’s trauma affects their growing relationship, Tad questions whether she has the strength to handle him and his dangerous job.




early 2015

Dr Kiara Holland and Selwyn Powell’s first encounter is dramatic and their attraction immediate, but they have other commitments, separate lives, and they part. But Selwyn can’t forget her and when Kiara returns from scientific research in Antarctica, he kidnaps her – with her startled agreement. Perhaps a break from real life will give them a chance at happiness, or perhaps it will break their connection forever.