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I’m Self-Published! Curses & Confetti is Live!

Bustlepunk, steampunk, Australian steampunk,

Ta da! “Curses and Confetti” is live! It’s up for sale on Amazon — but please do NOT buy it yet. I’ve scheduled a FREE promotion to run from September 28 till October 2 (remembering that this is American time, so half a day or so behind Australia).

I’ll remind you, but mark your diaries for two days time, and then nab your copy of “Curses and Confetti”, the third Bustlepunk Chronicle and a lovely Australian wild west urban adventure.

I love this book and I hope you will too!

It begins with all the fun of the fair (and for those who know Western Australia, I didn’t make up the fair ground in Fremantle, even if it’s vanished now)

Esme Smith and Jed Reeve are getting married. The unlikely pairing of an Australian suffragette and an American inventor is set to be the wedding of the year—until the Gypsy Oracle arrives in town, a man is killed, Jed is hopelessly compromised and Esme has to save her man and survive…Grandma!

Announcing a Short Story Trio in 2015


This is one of the secret projects I’ve been dying to share. I have three short stories coming out with Escape Publishing in early 2015.

From the tropical heat of the Great Barrier Reef, through the glamour and danger of Sydney, to the all-action, high drama of Tasmania’s Antarctic specialists, these are romances to make you laugh, sigh and fall in love — these heroes are something special.

I’ve mocked up some “coming soon” covers to go with the draft blurbs. These stories are amazing — no that’s not just fond author delusion. In under 15,000 words they are mini-novels: full stories, lots of “chemistry” ;) and I absolutely loved writing them.

2ndchanceSecond Chance Island
early 2015

When you’ve betrayed a man, broken his trust and shamed yourself, is a second chance at loving him heaven or hell? Laura Robertson is working at a tropical resort on the Great Barrier Reef when her ex-lover Phil Cooper arrives on Topaz Island. She’s fighting for her self-respect, having just lost her job as a marine biologist. Now she has to fight for their happiness.




No RescueNo Rescue
early 2015

Recovering from a tragic hostage situation, Miri Blair is staying at a friend’s flat in Sydney. From her balcony she encounters Sergeant Tad Robertson of the Water Police who dares her to risk living again. Sydney is a wonderful city for a romance, but when Miri’s trauma affects their growing relationship, Tad questions whether she has the strength to handle him and his dangerous job.




early 2015

Dr Kiara Holland and Selwyn Powell’s first encounter is dramatic and their attraction immediate, but they have other commitments, separate lives, and they part. But Selwyn can’t forget her and when Kiara returns from scientific research in Antarctica, he kidnaps her – with her startled agreement. Perhaps a break from real life will give them a chance at happiness, or perhaps it will break their connection forever.


Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crises don’t get the media coverage of Mid Life Crises, but they should. Oh boy, should they!

A Quarter Life Crisis hits in your mid to late twenties as you come rocketing into life — relationships, kids, career twists, debts — and suddenly hit a wall.lip

Sometimes it’s a bouncy castle wall and you spring back up laughing. Count yourself incredibly lucky. You’re one of those people who are exactly where you need to be and your Quarter Life Crisis is more happy fluffy puppy than snarling attack dog. You have a look around and realise that you’re on the path that’s right for you.

For many of us, that’s not how it goes. Life drops us off a cliff and we don’t bounce. We hit every rock on the way down and wail loudly as we go. Landing hurts.

But this falling down — our expectations being thumped by reality — is a gift. We can take the time (from our moaning agony at the bottom of the cliff) to double check what it is we want from life, the chasm between our dreams and our reality, and what we’re going to do to build a bridge.

Talking to people about Quarter Life Crises I’ve had them lean across the coffee table and go “YES! When I was twenty seven…”. It seems we all experience the crisis of who are we and what value do we bring to the world. How we respond to the challenge is the fascinating bit — and that’s why I wrote Kiss It Better.

Romances work best — tap our shared experience and engage our emotions — when they take a key life change as their motivating conflict. So that’s what I did.


Revisit gorgeous Jardin Bay with Jenny Schwartz’s fabulous new novel. The town may look like paradise, but for one nurse, it represents only broken dreams.

All Cassie Freedom wants to do is save the world, and she could, if only she were able to. But her dream of nursing in Africa is shattered, and she returns home to Jardin Bay, where familiarity, security, and a sense of her own failure threaten to drown her.

Dr. Theo Morrigan knows a thing or two about responsibility, leaving his own medical practice to take over a family business. He knows his mind, his future, and how he wants to live his life – until an old secret resurfaces and rocks his whole world.

Suddenly, the man who needed no one needs a broken-hearted nurse, and a nurse who thinks she’s too weak will find her own strength.

Release date: 1 October 2014

Current Projects

kissbookKiss It Better will be out soon. This is my third Jardin Bay book and was an emotional book to write and revise. Quarter Life Crises don’t sound as dramatic as the more well-known Mid Life Crises, but they’re just as devastating. You think you’re heading down one road, but suddenly you’re questioning it.

When Cassie Freedom’s dream of nursing in Africa shatters, Jardin Bay welcomes her home to its familiar security. But Dr Theo Morrigan is about to change everything. Theo’s had to leave his medical practice to take over the family business, and now he’s thinking of a more personal takeover; that is, until his own life is rocked by revelation of an old secret and suddenly the man who needed no one, needs a broken-hearted nurse.

I have a secret project under way. Editor and stars aligning, I’ll be able to tell you about it soon. I hate having to keep secrets!

Meantime, I’m writing Chasing Xanadu, a full length (80,000 words) romance novel with a touch of suspense. It’s set in the Kimberley and has sunken treasure, tangled family loyalties and a Hollywood-worthy romance (this is a bit of an in-joke – Jolene, the heroine, is an actress).

If you’ve not heard of the Kimberley region in north west Australia, you’ve missed out one of the most spectacular wildernesses on Earth. More details here.kimberley






A Change of Pace

Or maybe I should say, “A change of purpose”?

Even before I had a website, I had a blog. That blog has changed, quite radically over the years, but it’s been the heart of my website efforts.

However, the time has come for my “Blog” to become “News”.

I’m really sad to make this decision, but I put on my “reader’s” hat and realised that when I visit an author’s website I want to know about their books and their news. Blogging has become less and less a website thing, and more and more something re-invented as Facebook or Google+ posts, only shorter and snappier and with photos.

So this page is about to become NEWS and will feature information on cover reveals, new books, reviews and giveaways. I hope you still visit — and I will definitely be keeping up with you all on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else I can (in a friendly way) stalk you :)

Life After Release Week

readingWith Hero Duty out and earning some fantastic five star reviews, this little duckie can go back to paddling in her own writing pool. Joy!

I’ve been reading some great books to take my mind off Release Week terrors, including Barbara Freethy’s Just As You Are which was emotional and compelling — and free! Unbelievable. Another fabulous freebie was Cait London’s Season of Truth.

I’ve also re-activated my Wattpad account — or to put it another way: after signing up two years ago, I finally got the courage together to pop up two short stories, Dark Oasis and Guarding Christmas, that I’ve had as free reads here on my website. The only problem? Finding MORE stories and books at Wattpad that I want to read.

I was hoping to get to the beach and take some quiet time, maybe a few photos, but yeah … life doesn’t want me to be quiet right now! So, no photos.

A project I’ve been working on for a while is nearly at the point where I can share it with you. Nearly, but not quite. So frustrating.

kimberleyI can tell you that I’m writing a full length book (80,000 words have never been so terrifying) in which the hero is so down to earth and yet alpha male amazing that I want to run away with him rather than let the heroine have him. I think Jolene would fight me for him, though. She’s a fabulous heroine. So strong, but working out who she is and what she’s willing to fight for. Throw in an old shipwreck, tangled family loyalties and the beautiful, remote Kimberley coast and you can see why writing “Chasing Xanadu” is rocking my world.

So what have you been doing? Read any great books? Written any?

Hero Duty Happiness!

With Hero Duty releasing 1 June, this is the slightly crazy release week where my plans tend to go wildly askew. Never mind! Hero Duty has already garnered some five star reviews. Visiting Goodreads this week is making me very happy!

Janie won my Aussie ephemera giveaway. Congrats, Janie!

BookLikes chose three random winners of Hero Duty. Happiness! I love giving away books. I think that comes from being a devoted readaholic :)

And I have a number of graphics I made to celebrate Hero Duty that I haven’t shared yet — or have I? I forget!

Before you look at the graphics, a quick and sincere thank you to everyone for your friendship and support through the week. I thought new releases became easier as you put out more books. I’ve discovered it’s the opposite! Thank you all for being there.