Djinn Justice – update!

Djinn Justice is almost a solid draft. I just need to make sure the ending delivers the fireworks that the story promises.

Here’s the draft blurb. Critique is welcome :)


A new relationship doesn’t need added pressure…

Fay Olwen is still adjusting to life as one of a couple. She never expected to have a sexy leopard-were cuddling her at midnight in his huge bed in his gorgeous villa on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. But here she is, in love and in luck—finally! There’s not a demon in sight.

Pity she can’t say the same about the invading djinn.

As romantic plans are scuttled, Fay discovers she has a lot to learn about her new lover. Steve Jekyll isn’t simply the lethal mercenary she thought him. He’s also heir to the Suzerainty, the ancient order that delivers justice for all weres.

Steve hoped he’d have more time to reveal the many aspects of his complicated life to Fay; not least, his family. But with a rogue mage teaming up with a power-mad jackal-were to enslave innocent weres, Steve hasn’t got time for tact. His family are just going to have to deal with the fact that his chosen mate isn’t a were. She is, in fact, their total and feared opposite: a mage.

And Fay isn’t any ordinary mage. She’s an ex-Collegium guardian with the magical firepower to banish Axlttrea demons.

Fay wouldn’t normally break a sweat defeating a poorly trained rogue mage, but this spell is different. This spell steals a person’s dream essence: all that they are and all that they will be. The result is heart-breaking zombies.

From the cold of Siberia to the Mountains of the Moon, Fay and Steve are involved in an epic battle against evil—and against in-law disapproval. They might win one fight, but which one?
“Djinn Justice” is for fans of paranormal romance who like their adventures filled with humor and heart. It can easily be read as a stand-alone novel, although the novella “Demon Hunter” tells the story of how Fay and Steve get together.

Edwardian Inspiration

sky garden, kindle scout, kindle scout promotion,In Sky Garden, the heroine is curator of a quirky museum in Bloomsbury that is all about the Edwardian era. Researching what would have been in an Edwardian home and the attitudes that would have been on display was a lot of fun. Then, add in that the hero of Sky Garden designs an Edwardian-inspired roof garden above the museum, and you can see why my huge challenge was not to lose myself in research.

Here are some of the articles and sites I found:

For a sense of the London population and street level experience, the British History Archive is amazing. I’ve linked to Grosvenor Square.

In lighter reading, The Daily Mail has an article on re-creating your own Edwardian garden.

A.M. Kleeman, Wijnhandel Amsterdam
Edwardian style
BBC Homes is enthralling. Choose the time period you’re interested in, and immerse yourself. The Edwardians.

The museum occupies a Georgian house, so this look inside a Georgian townhouse was fascinating. Thanks, Sharon Lathan, for the post.

London’s Lost Rivers have nothing to do with Sky Garden, but I love this site, and the history.

There are a number of reasons I sited the museum in Bloomsbury. Bloomsbury has name recognition, and it’s cool.

Finally, if you want to while away some time, you can check out the amazing sites of the UK National Trust.

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Nominations end Nov 21, 2015

Plans Change

Earlier this year I was completely overwhelmed by my work on a secret project. Finally, it was finished. I was in love with it and embarked on The Great Agent Hunt.

The agents I’ve contacted have been nice, even offering constructive criticism (which I’ve used), but none have shouted “I’ve been waiting for your book for my whole life!”

Since I haven’t turned into an agent’s book-fairy godmother, I’ve been thinking about my options. All the advice and wisdom is that you have to give agent hunting a year or so. At a minimum, six months. But…I’m impatient. Self-publishing has taught me that publishing can be FAST.

And so we come to temptation. It has been dropped into my path. I’m looking at another option to waiting on an agent, and then, waiting and hoping that an agent can place the book with a publisher.

The thought of being able to talk about the secret project and to share it soon is really appealing. In fact, it’s so appealing that I’ve pretty much talked myself into abandoning the agent hunt — for now — and taking this other seductive publishing path.

When I do, you’ll hear about it. I’m hoping you’ll come on this journey with me. I’ll need a lot of support, but I’ll share what I learn. And at the end, you’ll have a great book to read. The secret project is genuinely intriguing.

Mid-Year Review

Last day of July. What a year it’s been. Five months still to go and I have so much I want to jam into them, and that’s just the writing bit.

THE BOOK is finally with my crit partner. Elizabeth’s red pencil is all sharpened and ready to attack 😉 I’m still scared of jinxing things by saying too much (i.e. anything) about THE BOOK yet. Hopefully, I’ll revise it and get it to agents by September.

Yes, I’m aiming to start The Great Agent Hunt this year. Wish me luck! And if you know a great agent for contemporary romance, please email me :)

Meantime, I’ve plotted out and am all set to start (tomorrow) my fifth “Texas Kisses” short romance. Fall Into His Kiss has the most adorable hero. I’m already in love with Wyatt, and with his house! or should I say land? East Texas looks like a wonderful place to live and I’ve given Wyatt something extra special — and a donkey!

After THE BOOK and Fall Into His Kiss are complete, the next project –finally — is Djinn Justice, the long over-due sequel to Demon Hunter. I’m really impatient to tell the remainder of Steve and Fay’s story. Yes, they’re happy together, but do they really think life is going to be easy for a leopard shifter, heir to the Suzereignity, and a woman who might be the world’s most powerful mage?

So all of that will keep me busy till the end of the year.

Do you have plans for the rest of the year?

Apart from writing, my attempts to give up sugar are continuing. I’m not hard ass about it. I enjoy dessert when I go out or an occasional doughnut, but I am trying to make most days sugar-free. It’s tough. To my surprise, though, I’ve discovered that my chocolate addiction is really to the cacao and not the sugar, so I’m happy to eat cacao wafers instead of sugary milk chocolate. Who’d a’thought it?


Texas Kisses

Clean Romance, Clean Romance on Amazon, Clean Romance on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited,


Writing my Texas Kisses is wonderful fun. They’re short stories (one hour reads), and offer sweet, clean romance on Amazon — free for those subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.

Joy House will be out in July, and Fall Into His Kiss is planned for August. Watch this space for more information on both.

Kiss Me, Quick  — some debts can’t be paid with chicken noodle soup.

First Kiss — if you paint a cowboy’s horse pink, be prepared to face the consequences!

Summer Kiss — fishing at midnight, the new sheriff catches more than he’d dreamed of.

New Release: Summer Kiss

I’m excited to share my newest Texas Kiss with you. Summer Kiss is live! and for this weekend only, it’s also FREE! So grab it now on Amazon (or Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, or Amazon Australia).


Freedom! For the last eleven years, schoolteacher Tessa Fraser has been raising her much younger brother with the help of their grandmother. Now her brother is eighteen, headed for college, and Tessa is finally free to indulge her adventurous spirit. Only, Sheriff Caleb Gascoyne has other ideas.

Fishing at midnight, Caleb never thought he’d catch the woman of his dreams, but Tessa is sweet, funny and sparkling with the joys of summer. She’s a world away from his old life when he served his country on secret missions overseas. But she wants freedom, and he’s just settled back into Gascoyne Junction.

Tessa knows Caleb is used to far more sophisticated women than her. She’s spent her whole life in the Texas Hill Country, while he’s travelled the world. Never has she regretted her lack of sophistication so much as when confronted by an honorable, old-fashioned cowboy-sheriff who just won’t be tempted into a midnight kiss.

For fans of first kisses and gorgeous Texas cowboys.