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I’ve bundled my five short Texas Kisses romances into a single collection, so grab it now!


Djinn Justice, the sequel to Demon Hunter, is rolling along. I’m having a fantastic time visiting Cyprus and Alexandria and then (in my imagination) I’m off to the Mountains of the Moon!

Although “The Secret Project” is just back from my critique partner, so that means … deep breath … revisions! Wish me luck :)

A bit about me (and my books)

I’m a long-time romance reader who believes that books of love and hope help us get through the bad times. Writing my own stories with their guaranteed happy-ever-afters is my way of paying forward the joy other authors have given me.

If you’re interested in my writing journey, you’ll find it recorded in my Writing Advice blog posts — and if you’re an author, you’ll probably smile ruefully at my hard-learned lessons.

Flower Fortunes are a regular Monday feature of this site, where I share my love of photography and the natural world, and combine it with some positive inspiration for the week ahead.

All of my self-published books are exclusive to Amazon. I apologise to non-Amazon readers. It’s the price Amazon demands for entering the books into its lending library, Kindle Unlimited. My stories published with Escape Publishing and Carina Press are available everywhere.

You can find me tweeting @Jenny_Schwartz and on Facebook, as well as chatting casually about books on BookLikes.

Happy reading!