Paranormal Romance

Old School

Phoenix Blood, Jenny Schwartz, kindle unlimited, paranormal romance thriller,Phoenix Blood    December 2016

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The Collegium

Demon Hunter     December 2014

Magic is real, if hidden, and betrayal is sharper than a demon’s claws.  A novella.

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Djinn Justice     December 2015

Fay and Steve’s new relationship is tested by a meddling djinn, a power-crazed villain enslaving weres, and Steve’s family. A novel.

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Dragon Knight       February 2016

Gina Sidhe is on a quest for her dragon. Lewis Bennett is trying to survive without magic. A novel.

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Doctor Wolf      April 2016

Dr Liz Jekyll has a secret to hide. What she needs is a big, bad wolf to hide behind!

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Plague CultPlague Cult     June 2016

In a small Texas town a desire for love becomes a curse that could unleash a deadly plague.



Hollywood Demon, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, Jenny SchwartzHollywood Demon    August 2016

A demon is stalking Hollywood. So much for Clancy renouncing her magic and becoming ordinary. This means a fight!



Alchemy Shift, jenny Schwartz, paranormal romance, bear shifter, kindle unlimitedAlchemy Shift     October 2016

A woman, her sword, and the bear-shifter who’ll steal her heart.

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Out of the Bottle

A trio of novellas (and you’ll find another one, “Dark Oasis”, tucked in the Indulge collection)

The Price of Freedom cover imageThe Price of Freedom     May 2010

A guardian angel and the djinn she’ll fight to save.

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Angel Thief cover imageAngel Thief     November 2010

There are djinn in Australia, and guardian angels are everywhere.

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Three-WishesThree Wishes     May 2011

Magic and second chances in Syria.

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Sensual Tales

Indulge, Sensual Tales of Steampunk and Fantasy     October 2014

Angels and djinn, steampunk pilots and lady inventors, shifter courtship and romantic suspense with impossible heroes.

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Dare, Sensual Tales of Fantasy and Suspense     October 2014

Dragons and ghouls, angels and djinn, impossible heroes and the women who cause them all kinds of trouble.

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paranormal romance, interracial romance, Fire Rose     June 2016

Double the romance as two couples tangled in a sorcerer’s magic race to save innocent souls from eternal slavery.

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Midnight Kiss     October 2014

A short Regency romance with a ghostly matchmaker.

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