In Space (& if you’re a woman) Can Anyone Hear You Kick Butt?

The only thing cooler than the three novellas that make up the best ever Galactic Holiday, are their three authors. Seriously. So sit back and enjoy this attitude-plus post … and you can believe me when I say: Buy A Galactic Holiday. I’m usually pretty wary of being that bossy, but I got a sneak peek at the antho and it is a keeper and a Christmas re-read for future years. Enjoy!

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Before the fun begins, a special thanks to our host, Jenny Schwartz, lover of speculative romance from steampunk to cyberpunk. Thanks for hosting us, Jenny!

Captain Kirk.  Buck Rogers.  Commander Adama.  Mal Reynolds.  These legendary sci-fi heroes were deserving of that label—ready, willing and able to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, even when the odds were long and luck of the good kind was nowhere to be found.  For those steely men resolved to triumph no matter the cost, there was usually a female sidekick lurking nearby.  But let’s face it—more often than not (outside of Firefly’s Lt. Zoe Washburne) the average science fiction female is usually in the background doing the futuristic version of clutching the pearls, and telling the hero how uber-awesome he is once bad-guy butt has been kicked.  Not that he wasn’t awesome—he was.  They ALL were.

But there’s always that lingering question…when is it going to be the woman’s turn to step into the hero’s spotlight?

Thanks in part to A GALACTIC HOLIDAY, that question is now answered.  Each author has her own take on the unique strengths shown in the heroines they’ve created—strengths that we each have within us all.

Anna: I think it’s important to remember that strength doesn’t always mean bulging muscles and the man with the biggest gun (no pun intended!) In WINTER FUSION, my heroine, Brinn Fjord, has fought hard to get her planet, Perma into the Intergalactic Trade Guild and become Perma’s top trade negotiator. Her strengths aren’t from her physical strength or her need to dive into dangerous situations – she’s smart, she’s tenacious and she’s driven to help her planet.

That said, I did toss her and the hero, Savan, into plenty of dangerous situations. You’ll see the Savan rescue the Brinn…and you’ll also see a few moments where she has to rescue him! At the end of the day, I love seeing two people work together and complement each other. We all show our greatest strengths when we fall in love and Brinn is no different.

Sasha: My heroine, Riley, is different from any other heroine I’ve ever written. I admit I don’t have a lot of experience writing kick-butt women, but I tried to make Riley strong and independent. She’s physical without being a fighter, meaning she’s capable of taking care of business and fixing pretty much anything mechanical – while retaining a sense of vulnerability. But she’s lived her whole life (more or less) on her own, so she doesn’t immediately get the whole community concept or how people can work together effectively. And then there was Leo, the disarmingly handsome and distracting hero watching her back. She’s not really sure what to do with him… Can she survive on her own? Without a doubt. Does she think on her feet and contribute? Oh yea. Does she learn that needing other people isn’t a weakness? Well… you’ll have to find out on your own. 😉

Stacy:  My heroine, Detective Reina Vedette, is well aware she’s at a disadvantage in her world.  The majority of Chicago’s law enforcement community has “upgraded their organic chassis” to become an army of cyborgs.  She’s now weaker than everyone in the department; she’s slower; she doesn’t process raw data at the speed of thought; she’s almost painfully fragile in her pure-human skin.

This means only one thing—she has to be smarter than everyone she knows.

This drive is her true strength, an unshakable need to become the futuristic version of Sherlock Holmes.  But even there Reina proves to be so much more; her tenacity to stick to her ideals when the world vilifies her for rejecting body-modification underscores the depth of strength within her.  Yes, it’s a courageous thing to chase down the bad guy in a killer blizzard with no regard to her safety (which she does).  But it takes so much more courage to hold your head high when colleagues tear you down just because you’re different.  On every level, Reina displays heroic true grit in the face of adversity; she will always strive to prove to herself and the world that an “organic” chassis deserves nothing but the greatest admiration.

For more on these strong women and the men who love them, download a copy of A GALACTIC HOLIDAY today!

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Halloween Party

Big hugs to my lovely fellow Here Be Magic authors. Even as you read this, they’re choosing the (out of date) music for a month-long party. We mightn’t be hipsters, but we’re fun, our conversation is loud and improper, our laughter is worse 😉 and there are PRIZES! Details below:

The Carina Press authors at the Here Be Magic blog are having a month-long party for readers and aspiring authors, and we’re giving away all kinds of treats to celebrate Halloween. For example, our grand prize is a Kindle Fire HD or Nook HD (winner’s choice). 

Our special prize for this week is a meet and greet with Carina authors at the New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book Conference Oct. 12 – 13 in Iselin, NJ. Our own Ruth A. Casie is  graciously organizing this feature for us, and she wanted to extend an open invitation to any other CP authors in the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) area to come – if not to the conference – at least to the public programs, which are free. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Ruth at She will be happy to hear from you.

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It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. You can check out our other giveaway offerings at And if you could help us spread the word about this “party,” we’d love you for it — more than we already do, of course!
Today, you can find me answering questions over at Monique McDonell’s blog. It was nice to have a chance to reflect on my writing journey. Often I’m too obsessed just rushing along it.

Release Day! “Courting Trouble”

I love Australian history. I even studied it at university. You can not believe how blessed I feel to have the chance to share stories that take our history and give it a fun, thoughtful twist. I’m having a wonderful time writing The Bustlepunk Chronicles.

Courting Trouble” releases today, and to celebrate, I’m sharing some Australiana. I love my country, its freedom and beauty, and I want to share some of my joy. Believe me, today, on Release Day, I have lots of joy to go around.

To win the cards and giftcard set, plus a digital copy of “Courting Trouble”, please leave a comment. The contest is open internationally.

Courting Trouble - Steampunk

Swan River Colony, Australia, 1895

All suffragette Esme Smith wants is respect. Her beau, American inventor Jed Reeve, may be more enlightened than most men, but lately his need to protect her is at odds with her need for independence. Esme begins to wonder if a modern woman can share her life with a man without losing some of herself.

With his courtship of Esme stalled, the last thing Jed needs is the pressure of saving the Prince of Wales. But when blueprints for a sonic destroyer fall into his hands, he uncovers an anarchist plot that could have deadly consequences.

While investigating the threats, Jed is determined to keep Esme out of harm’s way, despite her protests. But when the terrorists capture Jed and demand a priceless emerald in exchange for his life, it’s Esme who must draw on all her strength to save the day.


Reviewers: Review copies are available from Netgalley.

Steampunk Chronicle’s Readers’ Choice Awards

So, the voting’s nearly over in the Steampunk Chronicle’s Readers’ Choice Awards. No matter what the result I am beyond thrilled that my novella, “Wanted: One Scoundrel”, is up for Best Short Story. Oh my corsets and clockworks! It is rubbing shoulders with an awesome collection of talent. There is still time to squeeze in a vote or two … but even if you don’t want to vote (which is completely fair enough) you’ll brighten your life by checking out some of the nominees … favourite steampunk personas, clothes (these are amazing! hold onto your credit cards), music and more.