& Dark Oasis is still in beta, but it’s a way to publish your stories, easily.

I decided to try things out with the fourth story in my paranormal romance series “Out of the Bottle”, DARK OASIS.

So Dark Oasis now has its own pressbooks page, . You can read the 13,000 words story there — it’s FREE! — or you can download a pdf copy. The link is at the end of the post.

I’m also trying to work out how to upload an epub copy … but WordPress doesn’t seem to like it. Hmm. Low tech solution: If you’d like an epub copy, please ask in the comments. I’m happy to email it to you. I did contact about it (hey, they have a help section, why not ask?) and they said that hosting epub and pdf files is on their to do list.

Fair warning: I’m very much at the beginning of my journey in learning self-publishing. There are a lot of things I need to learn. But if a good story is what you’re after (it’s a bit sexy 😉 ) then … Happy reading!


And for anyone who thinks the cover of DARK OASIS looks homemade, you are so right! I even took the photo in my backyard.

Writing Update

Good news! I’ve finished the first draft on “Dark Oasis”, my fifth “Out of the Bottle” story. Is it possible to fall in love with a character of your own creating? If so, I’ve done so with Theron. He is an amusing trickster and I adore him — so does Alexa, if she’ll only admit it!

I’m busily outlining a second Steampunk story set in the Swan River Colony. Writing Support Your Local Suffragette was a ton of fun. If anything, its sequel will be even more amusing. It has a definite Indian flavour. Look out Bollywood, Bombaytown is here!