“Skyriders” is in Flight! Release Day

SkyridersThe big news! This is the secret group project I haven’t been able to share with you. My Australian steampunk novella “Clockwork Gold” is part of an anthology of steampunk adventurers with big name authors in steampunk: Lindsay Buroker! Shelley Adina! AW Exley! Melanie Karseck! — yes, really! I give you … SKYRIDERS.

Intrigue and airships…

These five novels will take you on soaring adventures set around the globe.

A reckless ship-racer with a shattered past finds herself at the heart of an ancient mystery in Melanie Karsak’s The Star Garden.

In Lindsay Buroker’s Balanced on the Blade’s Edge, the last remaining guardian-sorcerer must enlist the aid of an impulsive colonel to find her bonded soulblade… and must avoid death at that same colonel’s hands.

A young woman inherits priceless artifacts and a world of danger in Nefertiti’s Heart by A. W. Exley.

Shelley Adina’s Lady of Devices will take you to Victorian London, where a young woman loses her place in high society only to find a new path to her future in the underworld.

And in Western Australia, a messenger pilot must navigate a lawless land as well as her own heart in Clockwork Gold by Jenny Schwartz.

These five exciting reads are geared towards adventure and ready to fly!

SKYRIDERS is available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo & pretty much everywhere ebooks are sold!

Free Today! The Icarus Plot

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Happy day! THE ICARUS PLOT is free today (and by “today” I mean Amazon’s American timezone for Jan 3) — that means you have 24 hours to snap up my new release and tell your friends to do the same. It already has a five star rating (from a stranger! unsolicited review) and it’s fun!


Ivana March runs a very special toy shop in the heart of Victorian London. The last person she expects to see enter it is an earl. Not that she has time to entertain him. Someone is stealing children, and the street kids whisper tales of a “Metal Man”. Ivana must find the monster, rescue the children, and if the earl really wants to help, he can come with her. Only, no one warned her she’d have to venture to places better left unexplored. A good thing, then, that the new Earl of Somer is a noted explorer. When the two of them join forces, what could possibly go wrong?

A short Steampunk novella


Release Dates 2015

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The first third of 2015 is incredibly busy, and while these stories are releasing, I’ll be writing like mad. The secret project that I’m planning to launch in April *writing gods willing* is so romantic. Happiness.

2 January – Light Kisses, Contemporary Romance short story
3 January – The Icarus Plot, Steampunk novella
24 January – Kiss Me, Quick, Valentine’s Day short story, Contemporary Romance

8 February – Second Chance Island, Contemporary Romance short story
22 February – Ran From Him, Contemporary Romance novel

8 March – Ice-Breaker, Contemporary Romance short story
21 March – Djinn Justice, Collegium 2, Paranormal Romance

8 April – No Rescue, Contemporary Romance, short story
19 April – Secret Project…


New Releases & Free Books

steampunk romance, paranormal romance, short stories,In HUGE news, I have two and half new books out. That “half” is not a typo, it’s a short story.  And I want you to know when and where you can pick them up for free. Yep, FREE.All books are Amazon only (so that Amazon puts them in their new lending library,  Kindle Unlimited –Dare– sorry, but I can’t beat the system, so I’m trying to join it)

Nov 2 – 4 Midnight Kiss, a Regency romance short story

Nov 5 – 9 Indulge. Sensual Tales of Steampunk & Fantasy

Nov 12 – 16 Dare. Sensual Tales of Fantasy and Suspense

Nov 30 – Dec 4 Guarding Christmas, a holiday short story

Don’t worry. I’ll post the dates again as each book goes free Hope you enjoy them!

And look out for “Clockwork Gold” and “Demon Hunter” — more steampunk and paranormal romance — in December!