Romance Industry News

Lawyer up! No, don’t go out and hire one – well, unless you need to obviously — but start eavesdropping on their conversations, smile at their rants, generally turn them upside down and shake them so you gain a bit of their shark-like commonsense. In other words, publishing is a business and as a writer, it pays to understand what you’re signing when you sign a contract with a publishing house. I just stumbled over The Passive Voice and his take on publishing industry contracts was…well, appalling. For the record, I’m happy with my Carina Press contracts 🙂

I’m spending a substantial slice of my social media time over at Google+. It feels friendlier than Facebook. This is me at G+. Feel free to circle me or just add my stream to your lurk list 😉

Neurology (it seems to me, ignorant person that I am) is often the study of what commonsense or folk wisdom already knows. Case in point, attitude helps define your future. Specifically, whether you believe people learn from their mistakes impacts whether you learns from yours. I hope I learn from my mistakes — because I darn well don’t want to repeat them!

Diamonds are Forever has been announced. The Romance Writers of Australia annual conference for 2012 will be in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, 16-19 August.

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